A little lap dancing, a lot of anal

A little lap dancing, lots of anal

Dancing makes women lustful. That’s an undeniable fact. Go to any lap dancing club (or wedding, for that matter), and we can guarantee that it is the beauties on the dance floor who are plan to be screwing later (and the males on the dance floor who are plan to be banging those beauties). So here’s a suggestion for all u lads out there: Take a girl dancing. Dance even if you’re a shitty dancer. The cutie will appreciate your effort and reward u later with a sloppy oral-sex and a wide-open bawdy cleft.

She might even give u her arsehole love Shirley Lily does here.

Yes, Shirley, a 52-year-old divorcee with a humongous rack, has just enjoyed a night on the town. Dining, drinking, eating. And now, this babe has her date just where this babe desires him: back at her place for some private time.

“I just urge my butt drilled and a large load of cum on my face,” told Shirley, who’s a gratified Mother and grandmother. A pleasured HORNY HOUSEWIFE and GILF.

An ass-fucked HORNY HOUSEWIFE and GILF, that is. Welcome to the lap dancing club, Shirley.

“I love being viewed,” Shirley told. “It’s exciting to know somebody is watching me and relishing each minute, jacking their rock hard cocks to me, watching me getting banged in the arse. When Juan was rogering my arse, I couldn’t avoid thinking about how many boys were gonna watch it and toss off whilst I got fucked in my gazoo.”

Shirley has DD-cup milk shakes. She says she enjoys “organizing community events.” Swinging is not one of those community events, but it could be coz Shirley has had some nice-looking wild parties, also.

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