Getting to know Cora Comfort

Getting to know Cora Comfort

Getting to know Cora Comfort

This is Cora Comfort Week at, and we’re kicking things off with a get-to-know-you interview. Cora is a 46-year-old divorcee from Detroit, Michigan (now living in Las Vegas), and this babe is full of life and energy. That babe likes to fuck. This babe is in the right place.

We asked Cora how this babe identified us, and she said, “It was the maddest thing. I belong to this swinger web resource, and some random person was talking to me and said, ‘You need to talk to somebody at The SCORE Group,’ so I did, but they wanted the [test] images to be a certain way, and I had so much going on, but when I was called back, it was already happening.”

We make things happen in a hurry when we watch a dominatrix-bitch like Cora.

So here’s this week’s schedule:

Today: Solo pictures and this movie scene interview.

Tuesday: Solo movie scene in which Cora deep-fingers her butthole.

Wednesday: Cora’s 1st on-camera shag images.

Thursday: Cora’s first on-camera copulate movie.

It’s intend to be a great week…for u and Cora!

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Waiting For This Pont of time

Expecting For This Moment

Waiting For This Moment

Occupation: Server; Age: Eighteen; Born: February 6; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 100 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: G-strings all day; Anal: Eat my gazoo; BJs: Always gulp; Masturbate: I love my vibe; Lives: Phoenix, Arizona.

Chloe mentioned that she’s willing to take the world by storm, and her XXX launch does just that. “I’m so fucking pumped to do this,” this babe shared. “I’ve been dreaming about making a name for myself in porn ever since I turned 18.

“I like sucking ramrod. U know what’s weird, though? Even though I most like screwing thick cocks, I like engulfing smaller dicks. Not, adore, micropenises or everything, but it’s more enjoyment to suck a admirable five-incher. That way I can deepthroat it.

“Your dude made me cum three times. By the end of the copulate session, I was whimpering in a puddle of my own love tunnel juices. I craved his cum. I not quite not at all take creampies cuz I don’t crave to acquire preggy, but I felt an overwhelming crave to just sit down on his knob and have him pump his load into me. He pulled out and sprayed my face, which was smarter, so I am thankful that man did that.”

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Mountainous Juggs In Motion With Sofia Damon

Astronomical Whoppers In Motion With Sofia Damon

Huge Wobblers In Motion With Sofia Damon

For this scene discharged on-location, Sofia Damon picked a red long-sleeve leotard that is transparent enough to see her darksome areolae and bigger in size than run of the mill, thick teats. Sofia circles one teat with her finger, then the other nipp and smiles, blowing a kiss. On the balcony, Sofia treats u to a breast brandish of all breast flaunts.

Sofia is blessed with a pair of the high-reaching melons nature can gift a girl. Humongous and very firm, Sofia’s mounds are pliable and heavy. She can self-suck her teats, and swinging her milk cans is no problem for her. That babe peels off her leotard and goes into an adjoining bedroom where that babe can widen out to finger and toy her vagina.

As a web digital camera angel, Senorita Damon masturbates alone to her digital audience. Here this babe is bouncing, thrashing and toying with a cameraman in the bedroom in front of her, not a PC.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex in an unconventional location?

Sofia: Yep, once in a police station.

SCORELAND: What about gals?

Sofia: I have not at all had sex with a angel.

SCORELAND: You’ve had sex in a public place?

Sofia: No. I’m very reserved and I like my privacy. I love sex but not in public.

SCORELAND: How about anal play or anal dance?

Sofia: I don’t like anal and I don’t do it.

SCORELAND: What do u adore to do when you’re not on your web digi camera?

Sofia: I adore watching movies, enjoying admirable meals and sleeping. I’m envisaging for my Prince Nice-looking.

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Nila Mason’s Hot Date

Nila Mason’s Hawt Date

Nila Mason's Hawt Date

Sexy Nila Mason is envisaging a phone call from her hot date. Her wait is over. She picks up and is ready to meet him at his place. Nila gets into her car and drives to his abode. This is one of the uncommon times we see an XL Cutie drive a car. Nila’s mangos are so large they almost touch the steering wheel. Matt is anxiously awaiting her arrival. Any stud would be aroused at the thought of some quality sex time with this yummy treat.

Nila’s pointy teats protrude throughout her pink fishnet top. Matt is delighted to see her expose up, especially clothed so sexy, and cant keep his hands off her big meatballs the second this babe steps through the door. Nila reaches for his junk and her joy at seeing he’s pitched a tent for her brings a pleased smile to her lips.

Matt palms Nila’s twin treasures and examines ’em love he’s examining expensive gems. Her love bubbles dwarf his hands. Bending forward, that dude greedily sucks and squeezes his hawt date’s biggest milk cans and watches her pull his ding-dong out of his pants.

They walk into the bedroom. Nila sits on the ottoman, clothed with her love bubbles out. This babe examines his rock-hard hard-on. Rigid is how Nila receives every woman chaser who sees her. She licks his ding-dong adore a candy stick with her swirling pink tongue, then that babe sucks on it, oozing her hand back and forth along the shaft, faster and faster.

Nila takes her fun bags in her hands, buries his cock between them and shoves her chest into him whilst that charmer pumps her breast valley. She takes a hardly any more deep sucks and lies on her back. Matt lowers Nila’s top, opens her legs and plunges into her cunt, watching her funbags moving rhythmically as this chab bonks her hard.

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Slow, Comfort-able copulate

Slow, Comfort-able copulate

Slow, Comfort-able screw

Cora Comfort is willing for action. She’s wearing a hawt, orange costume that covers very little. Her bra buddies are falling without it. She is got her hands on the guy’s crotch, and it might as well be your crotch cuz most of this scene is shot P.O.V.-style.

“So admirable and rock hard. I adore it. Do you like this?” this 46-year-old divorcee says as that babe rubs her hands over her chest. “Do you love what you see?”

Damn right we adore what we see, and so does the buck, judging by the bulge in his pants. In advance of long, that bulge in his trousers is plan to be his schlong in Cora’s throat, then he is going to be screwing her, spreading her booty cheeks wide, and then this lady-killer is plan to cum all over these big bouncy bosoms of hers. You’d think Cora is a porn skillful, but no, this is her 1st screw movie scene.

“My Mamma supports me in whatever I do,” Cora said us. “She told, ‘If you are plan to be a sex star, be the foremost damn pornstar u can be.'”

Thanks for the advice, Mom. Way to live up to your parents’ expectations, Cora. These days, so many kids are such disappointments. Cora, who’s no a kid, is very satisfying.

Cora lives in Las Vegas (born in Detroit, Michigan). We asked her if this babe is into babes, and that babe told, “I’m addicted to knob, but if my fellow is down to see me and some other goddess getting jointly, I receive off on him getting off, so indirectly, I am into hotty’s.

“My partner was Nineteen when I met him. I kept telling him I was 29, but I was maturer, and then one day I said to him, ‘I’m turning 40.’ This chab could not make no doubt of it. But now I have a greater appreciation for older chaps ‘cuz they know how to worship the dominant-bitch. As much as I adore schlong, as much as I am a cum-slut, there is more to it than that.”

Not here there isn’t. Here, it’s just about the banging. No thing not correct with that.

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Shannon Blue’s Super-wild Big-tit Anal Trio

Shannon Blue’s Super-wild Big-tit Anal Three-some

Shannon Blue's Super-wild Big-tit Anal Threesome

Shannon Blue and Steve Q. are preparing lunch for Matt Darko but Shannon has no interest in food. She’s hungrier for Matt, eying him adore a piece of meat. Steve sees the attraction and invites Matt to come closer to super-chesty Shannon and inspect her twin love bubbles that are close to popping out of her undergarment.

That is for Matt who buries his face betwixt her melons, takes them out and plays with ’em, fascinated by their size and weight. He’s never handled zeppelins love this Brit blond has although this chab is drilled Nila Mason’s stupendous naturals at XL Angels.

Steve joins in and each buck plays with a breast. They pull their man-sausages out for Shannon so she can have smth to play with also. She takes turns sucking and jacking them and licking their balls with her long, long tongue. Shannon craves her love bubbles caressed by their ramrods and they’re glad to drive their skin buses through her titty-tunnel,

Steve has Shannon kneel on a chair, her arse towards him. This chab lifts up her suit and plunges into her love tunnel. Matt faces Shannon and feeds her the unbending roll. It is a Shannon sandwich. Hardly any receive that for lunch.

They lay Shannon out on a nearby bench so Steve can copulate her in the booty while she strokes Matt. They switch so Matt can acquire some gazoo too. Her constricted tush squeezes their weenies. Matt lies on the floor so Shannon can lower her booty onto his pole and do squats. Their sexercises continue with Steve rogering Shannon’s bum sideways. The boyz lose their loads and cover Shannon with their special sauce. An afternoon with Shannon Blue is an event to remember. It doesn’t receive any hotter than this.

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It’s big, it’s darksome and it’s cumming in Seka’s ass

It is large, it’s dark and it is cumming in Seka’s a-hole

It's greater than average, it's darksome and it's cumming in Seka's ass

When this clip widens, 64-year-old wife, Mommy and grandmother Seka Dark is wearing a petticoat that is so short, we can watch the top of her stockings. This babe is telling us how slutty she is been, and fortunately, this babe has a Lothario coming over. It’s not her boyfriend.

“I want to fuck him so bad,” she says.

She tidies herself up, not that that babe needs any tidying up. Seka is blond and alluring. Furthermore, the chap displays up.

“Is everything alright?” this guy asks.

“I have a few things in the abode that I need fixed. My husband’s not home,” this babe says.

He enters the abode, although hesitantly. Not surprisingly, the repairs that must be done are in the slaver bedroom. Hmmm.

“I do not watch anything not correct in here, Mrs. Darksome,” that man says.

“Honestly,” this babe says, “there isn’t anything wrong, but I have had the hots for you for a ages. I can’t expect to acquire screwed by u!”

And away we go!

She unzips his pants and takes out his cock. It’s as bigger in size than typical as this babe expected. Even greater.

“I have got to engulf your shlong,” Seka says, and then that babe proves this babe is not all talk and no act.

But we already knew that, didn’t we? This isn’t Seka’s first time at, and this is definitely not the 1st bigger than run of the mill, black schlong she’s sucked and drilled and taken up her arse. Yep, that, likewise. And then the dude creampies her a-hole, so all’s well that ends well, right?


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Cora’s 1st on-camera fuck

Cora’s 1st on-camera fuck

Cora's 1st on-camera fuck

Now it is time for 46-year-old Cora Comfort to break her hardcore cherry. Her on-camera hardcore cherry, certainly. Cora screws a lot, but this is the first time she’s fucking on-camera. She does it very well, mouthing rod P.O.V.-style whilst maintaining eye contact with the digital camera, taking the big ramrod deep inside her taut, pro snatch and opening wide for a load of cum.

We asked Cora to tell us about her wildest carnal experience, and she told, “I’ve had so many various carnal things happen to me. I just try to be open and enjoy them to the fullest.”

This babe enjoys Logan’s dick to the fullest.

Cora is very pleased to be here. She’s pleasured to be here, so gratified that she told a lot of people this babe knows about it. “I think a lot of people were blown away when I told ’em,” this babe told. “I kinda bragged about it cuz there’s just no shame in my game.”

Not should there be. Cora looks great, copulates great, looks great doing it. Welcome to the club, Cora.

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Czeching Out Prague

Czeching Out Prague

Czeching Out Prague

One thing we’ve always wondered about is why the Czechia is such a great place to discover big-boobed girls. Marketa, Veronika, Iva, Zuzanna, Cynthia Flowers, Lenka, Terry Nova, Shione Cooper, Katarina Dubrova, Krystal Swift–the list of hawt hotties is long and distinguished.

What is it about this country? The beer? The gene pool?

“I think it’s the food,” said Sophie, a master-class stomach dancing instructor. “There’s fine energy in it. It is too very tasty. It is a little bit heavy but you know, that maybe helps. I like Czech dumplings, fish, chicken and creamy sauces.”

Sophia might have something there. These foods definitely worked their magic on Sophie. Just looking at her acquires a gent hungry.

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