To the edge and back and back another time!

To the edge and back and back one time more!

To the edge and back and back afresh!

The sight of 54-year-old Lena Lewis in a constricted, low-cut dress that unveils off vast breast valley (and a bit of her bra, likewise) wouldn’t appear to be to be the way to cure a 23-year-old of his problem with premature goo flow, but that’s the looker of mature women: They have their own ways of teaching young bucks how to please a dominant-bitch.

So, yeah, Evan just now cums in his shorts when Lena seductively licks his ear and strokes his crotch. And if that dude were with a youthful gal, he’d probably be done for the day. But this gent is not with a juvenile girl. This ladies man is with a aged, erotic animal.

“Today’s your lucky day,” Lena tells him. “I’m intend to educate u how to last longer.”

She strokes him until that fellow acquires rigid one time more then takes out his penis and sucks it. Nearly right away, this chab is willing to blow his load, but Lena demands, “Don’t cum yet. I am gonna tell you when to cum!”

And that is how it goes. This chap screws her mouth and wet crack, and every time this fellow receives to the edge of cumming, Lena makes him hold back. Finally, he’s piston-fucking Lena’s arse adore a talented, and it resembles he could go all day when Lena says, “I want u to cum in my hands.” So this babe cups her hands and catches his ball batter.

We asked Lena what kind of things make her lustful, and that babe said, “Watching porn, getting fastened up and getting a little thrashing.”

She’s a swinger. This babe had sex on-camera with Ron Jeremy in 1982 when she was only Nineteen years old. This babe was born in Germany and now lives in New York Town. She’s tall, big breasted and blonde, and she’s one of the horniest honey bunnys we’ve ever met.

How lengthy can u jack it before you cum for Lena?

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Breasty & Lusty

Big breasted & Lusty

Busty & Lusty

Alessandra Miller is heading home when Carlos Rios calls out to her. That guy cant let her walk past him out of trying to meet her. This babe turns and asks him what that buck urges although that babe already knows. That chap craves her and that babe loves that idea. That babe likes a petticoat chaser to take the lead and be the boss.

The hawt Lalin girl invites him to her place where they do not waste any time. Carlos is all over her adore glue and disrobes her down. That smooth operator sucks her big, tan-lined whoppers and plays with her cookie, warming her up for the big beef bologna.

We doubt there’s any lad who could resist the want to pipe Alessandra’s milk shakes and slide the head of his dong into her envisaging throat if they were in Carlos’ shoes right now.

When they start rogering, Alessandra actually jacks up the heat levels. That babe can’t live without all positions but says cowgirl is her much loved. Riding him adore a pony, Alessandra bounces on Carlos to the point of explosion. After this buck thoroughly shags her and lastly pile-drives Alessandra, she kneels so that skirt chaser can bust a nut on her face. She merits each bit of fun he’s determined to give her.

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Top Secret Mellons

Top Secret Mammaries

Top Secret Tits

Poland can be satisfied of Kora Kyrk. Any country that produces a big-chested exhibitionist like Kora should have national pride because so many governments and cultures inhibit sexual liberation.

A generation ago, Polish gals couldn’t expose their wobblers let alone rub one out except behind locked doors and drawn window shades. Sextoys were banned.

When freedom returned, sexuality exploded although not when it came to modeling and porn like it did in the Czechia.

“I masturbate every evening in advance of sleep if I am alone,” told Kora. “I use a dildo and put petroleum jelly on it just to make it smoother. I use one hand to touch my teats, the other hand to stick my sex tool in and out and rotate. My areolas love pinching and pulling.” Kora didn’t become as famous as Polish princesses Ines Cudna and Vanessa Y.

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Busting in Lena’s taut chocolate hole

Busting in Lena’s taut asshole

Busting in Lena's tight asshole

Evan, who’s 23 years mature, has a problem. His sex life is awful because this chab suffers from premature ejaculation. All a gal has to do is put her hand on his crotch and he cums in buckets. The beauties adore him…until they receive into ottoman with him, at which point within seconds, he is cumming and they’re left high and dry (or whatsoever horny females are left).

But today’s his lucky day because Lena Lewis, his hot, 54-year-old neighbour, has invited him over. Certainly, things don’t commence out so favourable ‘coz the second Lena touches his meat-thermometer throughout his shorts, Evan does the usual: That skirt chaser shoots his cum.

But fortunately for Evan, Lena isn’t love those youthful girls who don’t know what to do when a guy cums too soon. That babe knows he is juvenile and can receive it right back up…especially with a little aid from her loving hands and throat. She’s intend to trainer him. She’s gonna teach him how to keep from cumming until the time is right. Because that’s what an professional, mature female adore Lena knows how to do.

This scene is Lena’s 1st since 2015, when she debuted at It’s great to have her back, and we think she looks even more fashionable and hawt than in advance of. We asked Lena if she viewed her 1st 2 scenes, and that babe told, “Yes! I couldn’t make no doubt of it was me! Watching ’em made me randy!”

We asked Lena if fucking for changed her at all, and that babe told, “It’s made me more kooky to explore sex in different variations.”

One of these variations: anal. In this scene, Evan bonks Lena’s tight backdoor. Now that’d make any stud bust a nut!

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Pounding Puma

Pounding Puma

Pounding Puma

Puma Swede is a marvelous knockout with a miniature and stacked body. She’s likewise one of the funniest SCORE Beauties ever and doesn’t take things seriously, although this babe sure takes screwing and unfathomable throating seriously. She went from zero to sixty very quickly in the hardcore porn department.

“I’m a boob freak, so I adore my wobblers. And then probably my ribald mind,” Puma told us. “I have a nice sense of humor, too. I am marvelous positive. I love practical jokes and sex, so it’s a priceless combination.”

Sweden has very long, dark winters.

“That’s why I moved to the United States. But all the way up north in Sweden, in the winter, they acquire love one sixty minutes of daylight, and in the summer the sun doesn’t go down at all. Up north, they gulp a lot, and I guess they ‘re a little bit depressed, but there aren’t tons of people up there. There’re more reindeers. But we Swedes are happy people. I’m very cheerful.

“I worked in computer sales, and I was very nice because I am very persistent. I wanted people to buy, so I’d make ’em buy from me. But then a lad sauntered up to me in Stockholm and told, ‘Do u crave to try adult modeling?’ and I said, ‘Models are stupid.’ Whatever. I never called him back, but then they had a competition in Stockholm, and my friend went there, and I went with her and a stud told, ‘You receive to take some test shots. Let’s try it,’ so I entered the contest, and I won.”

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Joseline Kelly

Joseline Kelly Joseline Kelly
Joseline Kelly @
Poor Joseline Kelly. That babe doesn’t know what’s worse: having to take a self-defense class to ward off the erotic predators at her work place…or her wimpy hubby, who can not do the job for her. So there she’s, Joseline, on a Saturday afternoon, in a boxing disrobe club, learning how to fight the priceless fight if need be. The 1st thing this babe noticed was her instructor, an remarkably masculine, well-built dark Bull. Joseline’s wet crack began to tingle when they 1st met, and now The Bull has Spouse in the ring, using him to demonstrate how to punch a would-be attacker effectively. And with a single punch, Partner is KO’ed. What next? Check out Joseline run up and hug "the real man", in advance of dropping to her knees to blow The Bull. They engulf and screw while Partner is out for the count, and just as Joseline is swallowing The Bull’s colossal load, Partner is coming to. Which is great, ‘cuz he is just coherent enough to understand Joseline will hire The Bull for each week "workouts"!!
Joseline Kelly Joseline Kelly

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Kandi Spreads Wide

Kandi Widens Wide

Kandi Spreads Wide

As pretty soon as Tony sits down on the daybed, Kandi Kobain acquires on his lap and shoves her humongous scoops in his face. And having your face stuck between Kandi’s ample assets is a astonishing place to be stuck in.

That babe pulls every tit without her slide and lets him suck on her areolas love a baby. After he’s had his fill of tit-lapping, Kandi is anxious to receive at the root cause of the situation and pulls his jeans down. His rock-hard horn pops up and that pleases her to no end. Giving males railroad-spike boners is her life’s main joy.

Kandi licks and engulfs his jock love a sweetmeat, not forgetting to lick his balls, slurping and sliding up and down. This babe tickles and squeezes his testicles, drooling saliva on her hand and rubbing it on the balls. Her wobblers rest on his thigh as she sucks.

“You going to shag that slit wonderful?” Kandi asks, ready to acquire her snatch-hole impaled to the hilt. It’s his sworn duty to stuff her the way she urges it. In fact, it’s the duty of every charmer who bonks her.

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Bad, Big boobed, Super-freaky Coed

Bad, Big boobed, Super-freaky Coed

Bad, Big boobed, Super-freaky Coed

Tigerr Benson. Behind the proper British accent, statuesque figure and glamorous face, a immodest mind thinks of the nastiest things that babe can do to herself and beauties, and what men can do to her throat, pussy, booty and large milk sacks.

Tigerr’s into cosplay and this time, that babe is a bad coed from a high school where they educate angels to be sex-crazy whores. Tigerr already has advanced degrees. There may not be much more this babe can learn to earn even more degrees. She’s at the top of the dark tower.

Tigerr doesn’t go to swingers’ lap dancing clubs or receive involved in fuckfests for recreation, celebration, procreation or titillation. That babe goes cuz it’s her occupation.

“I like to receive paid. I know that makes me sound love cash avid but it is the truth! But it’s not about being greedy. I adore paid sex ‘cuz it is an extra boost to my ego. What I mean is this. I acquire hot if a charmer actually desires me. But if a boy wishes me so much that this skirt chaser will pay a load of specie to have me, well that is even hotter! Does that make sense? I’ve been to a lot of sex undress clubs filming and most of the normal boys are actually precious, love family boyz having a bit of naughty time. But I would not go there just for sex. I don’t think it would be a turn-on. I need cameras and cash.”

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Her weapons are lethal

Her weapons are lethal

Her weapons are lethal

Letha Weapons was one of the superstars of large scoops from 1992 to 1995. That babe was a covergirl many times over and one of the supersized boobies who did hardcore porn.

A sex-kitten, Letha discussed her fucking experiences in a sexy yet matter-of-fact way. Sex is the majority natural thing in the world and that’s how Letha feels about it. Almost any glamour models don’t talk about sex the way she did. “I engulf ramrod and eat snatch,” this babe told during her porn years. “I guess I just like sex, which can make a world of difference. I always said myself that if I ever did porn I’d be the foremost at it. I’ve no idea why some people would go do one episode with their boyfriend and then prevent. I mean, why do they do porn for $500 and then the shit floats around forever? You’ve to do it coz you like banging and I do.”

With that attitude, Letha was a natural at talking obscene coz it is natural to her.

“‘Fuck me…give it to me…it’s so precious I can’t stand it!’ What I say depends on what situation I’m in. Usually, I just tell whoever I am banging that they’re doing a priceless job and I let the words depend on the moment. If they’re not doing a worthwhile job, I just don’t say anything. That is the way it goes.”

Letha downsized her monumental bra-busters but is still very big boobed by mainstream standards. She’s still active in different ways and has lived in San Fransisco for years.

Now and then, boyz send in their memories of the beauties at SCORE Classics. A fan named Sarge wrote this about Letha.

“When I met Letha, it was at Big Top Lounge in Expose World in Times Square before that little weasel Giuliani shut it down. This babe is a very priceless girl. I nearly had a chance with her if not for her envious manager. We took pix together. That babe has heavy bosoms and fascinating lengthy labia.”

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