Sofie Style: a German discovery

Sofie Style: a German discovery

Sofie Style: a German discovery

One fan said Sofie Style is the foremost German discovery since Nadine Jansen. Praise doesn’t receive higher than that. Sophie truly does have a miniature facial resemblance to Nadine in some images.

The feedback about her initial debut ranged from ones not-suitable for greeting cards, such as, “Those bigger than average, suckable zeppelins make me so inflexible that my hard Lothario cock just throbs and tingles so much while watching the complete movie scene,” to the monosyllablic, “I crave to lick her booty.” Either way, these comments are not suitable until maybe after the third or fourth date, depending on the girl’s personality and carnal interests and experience.

One of Sofie’s many charms is her girl-next-door look: approachable and attainable.

The photographer was a SCORE reader in Germany who sailed on the Boob Cruise and was inspired by the Cruise and the magazine to become a expert photographer.

“When I go out, I wear everything constricted, showing plenty of my deep cleavage,” Sofie said. “It has to be tight. This way, all the dudes are looking at me and I adore that. I love the attention.”

Dave has written several times that glamour models often become nurses or nurse’s aides and nurses often become models. So when I had the chance, I asked Sophie if this babe can’t live with out to wear dream costumes. She replied, “I love to wear a nurse’s outfit…because I’m a nurse!”

That did not surprise me. It likewise somehow made Sofie sexier.

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Bra-Buster In Dark Boots

Bra-Buster In Dark-skinned Boots

Bra-Buster In Dark Boots

The inexhaustible Sharon Pink‘s copulate date Kamil feasts on her fascinating and hawt areolas. It’s big busted ecstasy to get this amorous bra-buster prepared for the sexy beef penetration. This babe sucks stiff and the pressure sends shock waves all the way to her pink vagina.

Erotic, sleazy sex partners get Sharon even hotter. Chaps with excessive testosterone levels who crave to copulate the shit out of her until she’s as flabby as a doll turn her on. Men who make her feel like a dirty hotty pump up the heat inside her. Her fuck-me face exposes all. She pulls his jeans down to receive the schlong this babe desires. Sharon tugs on his balls and dives down to slurp his shaft.

Keeping on her spiky slut boots, Sharon squats over his shaft and lowers herself until each inch of Kamil’s dick fills her damp fur pie.

A lady who knows exactly what guys love. A female who loves screwing on-camera. A lady with great bosoms. This babe is not called Sharon Pink for no thing.

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Jaye Summers

Jaye Summers Jaye Summers
Jaye Summers @
Jaye Summers and her charmer are one pleased, happy couple! It is Jaye’s birthday, and Partner wishes to surprise her with smth she’s not ever had previous to. "Jewelry? A car?!" asks Jaye, as she’s sunning herself in the back yard on a fashionable spring day. "Come, let me flaunt u," Boyfriend says, leading her into the house whilst covering her eyes. One time inside, 2 Bulls take over! Jaye can’t be more slutty! They’re a "lifestyle" cuckold couple: Jaye shags as many hung Bulls as this babe feels adore, whilst Boyfriend is either allowed to watch…or given all the smutty details once she returns home. But Jaye’s not at all had 2 Bulls at once, so for her 22nd birthday, this babe gets 2! Those Bulls actually have their way with Jaye, pounding her silly as Hubby watches. Spouse is disappointed, also, coz he’s been caged. He’ll implore to Jaye for the key, and this day he’s in luck. "Since you got me such a great birthday gift, you’re free to unlock your pee-pee and jerk it." Boyfriend gets that and smth more…clean up duties! Jaye Summers and Hubby: a juvenile, happy pair for the 21st century!
Jaye Summers Jaye Summers

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Look at the British GILF who can’t live without being watched

See the British GILF who can’t live out of being watched

Watch the British GILF who can't live without being watched

The British M.I.L.F.S. just keep on cumming at Here’s Dimonty, a 58-year-old from London who’s gonna shag a woman chaser who’s easily youthful sufficient to be her son. She sucks and shags him, then he unloads his man juice onto her pretty face.

“I adore being viewed whilst having sex, which is why I like doing clips which will be observed by thousands of people,” Dimonty said.

She’s married. That babe has children and grandchildren. But that hasn’t stopped her from being a lustful swinger for over 15 years and having sex on her personal website.

“I love having my mouth screwed,” said Dimonty. “I like being screwed doggystyle.”

Dimonty likes chaps who are “kind and considerate in the restaurant and gripping in the bedroom.” Her consummate day would be spent “out shopping for gorgeous clothing then going out in the evening wearing them then a night of passion.”

She is a passionate woman, as you’re about to see.

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Admirable Jewels

Priceless Jewels

Precious Jewels

“Posing for those pictures and sending them to NN was a birthday present to myself,” Jewels told. “I’ve wanted to do it for the longest time. Flirting with boyz and dressing so that men always check me out is a lotta enjoyment and I do it all the time, but this is indeed taking it to the next level. To me, the preeminent would be for some lad to go into the restaurant where I work one time the mag is published, view me and say, ‘I saw u in NN, but you’re even hotter in person.'”

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Last Call For Fun bags

Final Call For Bazookas

Last Call For Boobs

Jessica Taylor had 2 jobs and they could not be more contradictory. She was a undressed dancer and a construction contractor. This babe erected buildings and this babe erected boners at a nude club called Taboo in Arcadia, California. Hardon engineer would be an accurate job title. That babe resembles the hot-chick-next-door.

“It’s indeed kind of a conservative club, so u only acquire full stripped when the angels are on the stage but when we give lap dances, we’re fully clothed. We give lap dances in full bikinis–tops and bottoms,” Jessica explained.

Her construction co-workers didn’t see Jessica in her…other work hawt clothes…”but I do acquire tons of bucks who go into the exotic dancing club who work in construction. They question me about it while I’m lap dancing and they love that I work in the same field that they do. They kind of adore that a girl adore me can have large breasts and be a dancer but can too put up drywall and lay down tile. I am into boyz who make me chuckle and are into the same things that I am into.”

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Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK Bush Rogered


MILF Bush Fucked

Let’s welcome Sahara Blue who, believe it or not, is Fourty five years old! Seriously, we had some doubts about whether the lady was even Fourty, and when we saw her driver license, we could not make almost certainly of our eyes. So we took a look at her passport, and there it was: Date of birth 23 Sept. 1965. Sahara is single. She’s a business analyst who was born in Taiwan, China and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. That babe enjoys biking and Zumba, lost her virginity in her high-school dorm room and has had a relatively tame sex life. This babe isn’t a swinger. That babe is never had sex with another female. Her sexual dream is “being carried.” And she says this babe has sex a pair of times a week. For her first time at, 5’6″, 112-pound Sahara takes on the big cock of Jmac, and that babe takes it well. We know you’ll have joy Sahara’s beautiful face and hot, diminutive body, and we know a lot of you will savour the thick bush above Sahara’s wet crack.

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Big-Boob Sister Act Part One

Big busted Sister Action Part One

Busty Sister Action Part One

Big tits run in some families and Erin Star‘s family is the flawless example. That babe and her sister Helen have busty racks you don’t see daily of the week. Helen has also posed. So this is a truly historic pont of time in time.

One of our Romanian XL Angels, Mia Gal, connected with Erin. Mia alerted the photographer who films her for XL. Long story short, a road journey to Romania had to be made. Mia was also our cameraman’s translator. These siblings are no ordinary sisters! We also photographed a 3rd Big-Boob cutie. Not family but part of the busty sorority in Romania.

They’re the 1st naturally-stacked sister action in SCORE’s 25-year history. In the early 1990’s real-life sisters Toppsy Curvey and Lulu Devine were the 1st, and merely, super-sized family. Hopefully the next sister action won’t take one more 20 years.

We often ask SCORELAND Beauties if they have any big busted friends back home who might urge to pose too. It is extremely rare if they do. Asking Erin if there were any more lookers adore her at home was actually successful.

For joy, Erin loves to hang out with her allies, sing, go to the clips (she can’t live out of horror films) and run in the park. That we’d adore to watch one day.

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Big boobed Pole Swinger

Big boobed Pole Swinger

Busty Pole Swinger

In an article called “The Complete Guide To Lap Dancing” published in SCORE magazine and posted at the SCORELAND Blog, we wrote that: “In a bottomless exotic dancing club, the cuties who are showing snatch and widening their asses will almost all likely give the finest lap dances. In a topless-only club, the angels who are constantly shoving the rules by either pulling aside their G-strings for a sneak peek or pulling their G-strings up their love tunnels are plan to give the preeminent lap dances.”

In this exotic dancing club, June Summers does whatever she wants. She’ll do whatsoever the customers crave. No one will bounce the customers and suspend the dancers. Forget the intimate VIP room. In this club, the patrons can fuck the strippers.

June gives this slutty club-goer a exotic dance, a shag and an upside-down fellatio! “I love porn and I like watching it,” June said. “I adore making porn movies with boyz who know how to treat me love a little whore during sex and like a woman in the lounge.” In this case, like a doxy in the lounge applies.

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