Ms. Palatable Receives Chummy

Ms. Yummy Gets Chummy

Ms. Yummy Gets Chummy

Ms. Tasty likes walking around in lingerie or naked. We had just the place for her to do that. Whether coming or going, this babe can acquire a boy boob-drunk or butt-drunk. This little shapely hotty is only 5’1″ in her nude feet and has the sex drive of several gals in one voluptuous body.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex in public?

Yummy: I’d like to. I’ve solely been fingered, once in a episode theater. But we did not have sex.

SCORELAND: What about anal dance? Do you adore it?

Yummy: I love anal play. Tongueing and fingering. Having my wazoo spanked and kissed. I had pleasure with Tony in my first SCORE shoot. I am still on the fence about real anal-copulation.

SCORELAND: When u give a ladies man a BJ, do u drink his ball cream or do you spit?

Yummy: When I give blow jobs, I drink, depending on my kinky mood. I spit sometimes. It can depend on how his cum tastes.

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Flirtatious Sweetheart

Flirtatious Chick

Brazen Babe

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Simone:

“Well, I am a masturbating addict. I do it a lot, and sometimes it even makes me late for work! I work in a grocery store, by the way. Usually I’ll do it at home previous to I begin getting willing for work. But I’ve been known to rub one out in the car just minutes previous to I clock in. Sometimes you just have to acquire one in. If I don’t, I’ll just be so distracted, and I will not be a admirable employee at all. Masturbating keeps me focused.”

Do u diddle yourself at work?

“Yes, I’ve. In the bathroom a hardly any times. Or on my 15 minute break I’ll go out to my car and make myself cum. I’ll put on the radio, put up my sun shade, recline the seat, put my legs up on the dashboard and finger myself. If it is a busy day, then masturbating during my break is a need to. It is a great stress reliever, and after I cum no bitchy customer can ruin my mood.”

Have u ever screwed a ladies man at work?

“I knew u were gonna ask me that! I have rogered at work in advance of. It was with the security guard in the monitor room. That happened on a day that I did not masturbate. See what happens if I don’t acquire one in? I initiate misbehaving. It happened coz one of the bag lads told me that the security guard thought I was sexy and had jerked off during the time that watching me on the monitors. I hadn’t cum all day so I was super amorous, and hearing that some lady-killer was jerking his shlong in a black corner whilst watching me do regular things indeed turned me on. So I went to the monitor room and hit on him. In about five minutes I was on top of him and we were making out. I pushed his hands down my pants and I was so succulent.”

Wow! That’s flirtatious!

“It was, but that’s part of why it was so hot! We would’ve gotten in so much trouble if anybody traipsed in and caught us. My arse was on a desk and this chab was completely pounding me. And when this chab came, this Lothario pulled out and discharged all over my chest. Some of it even got on my uniform. For the rest of my shift it was a valuable, little reminder that I got really fine penis on the clock.”

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World Cups Winner

World Cups Winner

World Cups Winner

Maserati doesn’t have the easiest time finding bras that fit her. Every time this babe visits TSG, it resembles her already mammoth mammaries have gained more boobage. The progression is pretty when one compares her photo discharges from the beginning.

There is a selection of bras on the ottoman for Maserati to try on. Every one looks as bigger in size than run of the mill as the nose cone of a nuclear missile. Bam courteously helps Maserati try them on. Each hotty needs a hook-up man when it comes to bras even if that babe prefers front-loaders.

At first, the red bra Maserati tries on bears a resemblance to it is going to be way too large. Our mistake! She fills it very well and tests it out. It’s a winner. There is a little bit of room which is a fine thing as far as Maserati is concerned.

Next up is a blue number. Maserati can’t live out of this one a lot likewise. While Bam is putting it on her, this chab can’t resist feeling those marvels of nature. No chap could fight this want. A traditional white brassiere is next. Maserati puts it on in the single cutie way, by hooking it from the front and spinning it around her titillating torso. This one is tiny yet it’s a tent for an archetypical femdom-goddess. Maserati is a superwoman. Final but not least is a constricted pink and white brassiere that gives her tremendous, pushed-up bouncy bosoms.

Under garment try-outs over, Bam and Maserati acquire on the bed to receive more breathtaking acquainted and share some big-boobed fucking. It is tiring being her undergarment chap. When Bambino fucks Maserati’s breasts, his ding-dong totally disappears. This is called the “Maserati Effect.” Bra off, Maserati bounces, her tight cookie thrilling his dick as this smooth operator plunges in and out. They try each other out in a mix of different positions until that babe takes a geyser of cum in her pleasant mouth. This has been a very successful experiment in hooter holstering.

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Mommy takes JMac up her a-hole

Mother takes JMac up her booty

Mom takes JMac up her ass

Having banged larger than standard, dark dongs in her first 2 scenes at, 46-year-old Mommy Karma Karson returns to take on a bigger than average, white meat-thermometer, and it is JMac’s, which means it’s the giant white penis in our stable of white weenies. Karma starts out wearing a skimpy bra and panties with heels. She’s in a room that’s overlooking downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay, which means the view is admirable but not as valuable as the observe of taut, curvy Karma.

JMac displays up, and they get right to it. Karma likes to look into the digi camera whilst her mouth is filled with 10-Pounder and her cheeks are puckering. JMac shags her each which way, including in his trademark leglock position (actually, that stud hasn’t trademarked it yet) then that dude copulates her constricted gazoo (more leglock banging) in advance of cumming in her face hole.

So, u might say, what’s Karma doing for an encore? She’s taking a king-size dick up her a-hole.

And, as we said, she really loves to look into the digital camera whilst that babe is doing it.

Karma lives in Las Vegas. This babe is divorced. Admirable place for a divorcee. She has a grown son and daughter.

Now, you might recall that the last time that babe was here, we asked her if this babe was into anal. Her reply: “It depends on the hubby.”

How’d it go, Karma?


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Stacked For Sex

Stacked For Sex

Stacked For Sex

Patty Michova keeps herself trim and small and hits her gym daily, all the better to practice her carnal acrobatics. Now Patty’s back at SCORELAND and her built moves keep Max plenty busy in her return to hawt and horny humping. First, she treats him to a short fashion brandish to elevate his blood pressure.

They say worthy things come to those who wait but Patty doesn’t make him wait lengthy at all. The 1st thing he does is get Patty on her hands and knees, slide off her briefs and check her snatch temperature with his tongue thermometer. Patty says getting fine oral enjoyment ranks number one for her.

Tit for tat, Patty unleashes her deep-throat BJ skills, engulfing off Max hands-free with a lot of saliva and gagging. How he managed to not bust a nut during Patty’s shlong swallowing is an alluring reveal of self-control. When the shagging begins, Patty and Max run throughout a flurry of built poses right without a sexology manual. All that is missing is a lap dancer pole so they can shag upside-down! Props to Patty. When this babe receives it on, this babe goes all out.

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Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

“I think porno sex and sex at home are a little different,” says Gianna, a mega-porn star who should know. She’s still one of the best-known breasty adult stars in the world. (She’s retired these days but still works in the adult industry. “I’ve noticed that sex on movie scene has become more aggressive. I like coarse sex, pussy-wise. This is the thing in regards to me doing pornography and my sexuality in general: I feel that it is hard to fake emotion, but the emotion that I give is merely what’s provoked by that certain person.

“So, some pornos might not be as hawt as others, but that’s coz of the attraction betwixt the gentleman and myself. If this lad I am going off with is provoking priceless emotions, the movie of me that that dude saw that was avid is probably what he is intend to get.”

Gianna and Tony D. go at it just short of a wrestling match. “I adore tons of talk, adore when I am getting rogered and he is telling me what to do, I am just like, “Tell me what’s in that wicked screwing mind of yours.” I like to do that during the time that we’re fucking coz that is when u get true emotion. Nobody has time to think. You’re also busy trying to bonk, so just trying to throw smth in there, it’s interesting to see what I acquire in return!”

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Payne Is Always On The Brain

Payne Is Always On The Brain

Payne Is Always On The Brain

The fad of a huge-boobed cutie making a sundae on her naked juggs hasn’t become an internet sensation yet but who cares? You have got Australian supervixen Lila Payne at SCORELAND for that and she does it so well. And afterwards, Lila toy-bangs her pink bawdy cleft. This is real kitchen magic.

Lila’s an escort and a model. This babe is always wanted to be a courtesan and a female-dominator. This babe enjoys a skirt chaser who enjoys her.

“I adore people who are actually animated. Sometimes I am doing a session where I’m engulfing his meat-thermometer and sliding my whoppers all over his body and I am indeed getting into it and I look up and he’s just lying there, not making any noises or expressions, and I’ll say, ‘Are u ok?’ And he’ll say, ‘I’m having the time of my life.’

“I like lads who make it really obvious that they’re into it. Plenty of talking. U know they’re having a admirable time. That’s what makes it hot, whether we’re wrestling in custard or sat in big wedding cakes or just drinking champagne and talking about wedding traditions in different countries or soever. As lengthy as they’re sexually excited to be there.”

Custard? Lila could have used some of that on her boobies with those other toppings.

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Nicol screams for meat-thermometer semen

Nicol screams for shlong goo

Nicol screams for wang cream

Nicol Mandorla, a 57-year-old wife, Mama and nurse from the Czech Republic, obviously enjoyed her first scene at

How do we know this?

Well, here’s a warning for you: If you live in a house or apartment with thin walls, keep the sound down whilst you are watching this scene. Nicol is a screamer, and that babe is overcome with passion as Kristof fucks her taut mature cookie.

“Shooting the pix was pleasure, but this was a lot more joy,” Nicol said our videographer.

Nicol has silver hair. That babe is wearing a hawt bra and knickers set, nylons and a garter strap, so you know that babe was willing for sex. This babe blows Kristof’s large meat-thermometer, then this babe copulates him. He cums on her love tunnel, which has a little bit of hair on it.

“My boyfriend likes it that way,” this babe told.

Nicol told us that she plans on watching this scene with her boyfriend.

“I’m plan to give him a oral whilst he’s watching me give Kristof a oral,” she said. “Then we’re gonna copy all the poses.”

Favourable fellow. Then afresh, u know what they say…happy wife, pleased life. Judging by this video, Nicol is very glad.

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Brandi’s wazoo is randy for a BBC

Brandi’s butt is wanton for a BBC

Brandi's arse is lascivious for a BBC

Brandi Fox (now known as Sky Haven) is in her house and looking out the window, checking out the lawn fellow

“I would not mind rogering him,” she says. “Damn, he’s got a large pecker! Observe that bulge. I’m lewd.”

No shit!

Jack knocks on the door, and Brandi knows it’s time to seize her chance to receive some big, dark ramrod. Jack wishes to use the bath.

“Fuck you are hawt,” that babe says.

“Yeah, it is sexy outdoors,” this chab says.

That is not what she means.

That gent goes to take a piddle. That babe watches.

“He’s intend to copulate me, that’s for sure,” this babe says, then that babe goes up to him and grabs his wazoo. Then she sucks his 10-Pounder and balls, then that babe fucks him, and this man gets more than her slit. This chab acquires her wazoo, likewise.

And that is how this 45-year-old wife and Mother rolls.

We asked Brandi what that babe would do if time were frozen for 24 hours. This babe told, “I’d write my book, How To Please A Lady-killer.” Resembles this babe already wrote the book on that. Jack cums in her mouth and Brandi swallows his cum.

We asked her what makes her lewd, and this babe told, “When a lad sluggishly and lightly feels and kisses my body from my whoppers down to my fur pie. I get so lewd!”

Fact: Brandi is always excited.

Fact: We don’t care whether that babe calls herself Brandi or Sky. We just urge to copulate her.

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