Nicky Ferrari – Mom’s a adult star

Mom’s a sex star

Mom's a porn star

Nicky Ferrari, who’s 46 years aged and a Mother back in Southern California, does her 1st bonk episode. As we said when she debuted, she’s a sex star. She loves to copulate. And that babe speaks English and Spanish, as you’re about to see. We used sub-titles for part of this scene, the parts in which she speaks Spanish, but for the almost any part, the translations are variations of “Fuck my pussy” and “I adore your weenie.” Which you might have been skilled to decide on your own considering that Nicky has a rock hard ramrod in her taut cunt when she is saying these things.

Nicky is 5’4″ and has a weight of 128 pounds. That babe has DD-cup bumpers. She’s a porn star. This babe likes “all boyz.” Okay. But that babe likewise said, “I love gentlemen.” That babe means until they get her into the bedroom. Then they can get coarse with her, call her “slut” and refer to her slit as her pussy. Oh, and they can shoot their loads wherever they wish.

“I adore underware,” this babe said.

“I like gang bangs,” that babe added.

Gangbang with gentlemen? Has there ever been such a thing?

Here, Nicky acquires banged by one gent. This babe is not greedy. That is sufficient to make her happy.

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Jasmine Dark-skinned – Jasmine’s Three-way Riding Lesson

Jasmine’s Three-way Riding Lesson

Jasmine's Three-way Riding Lesson

Taskmaster of Big-Boob Riding Academy, Lord Chandler is in his bedroom with captivating Jasmine Black. This man urges to know what is beneath her lengthy white cloak. She takes it off her shoulders and drops it to the floor. Now that petticoat chaser knows. She’s wearing dark boots and a skimpy 2 piece, as slight as a string bathing costume. Her big mellons bulge against the flimsy fabric.

In her hand is a riding crop that this babe runs along Lord Chandler’s chest, teasing him. He comes behind her to play with her bumpers and grind his pelvis into hers; this babe spanks her wobblers with the crop as that gent kisses her neck doggy position.

Laying her down on the daybed, Lord Chandler removes her bottoms and fingers her hairless fur pie with adept digits, sucking greedily on her teats. Jasmine herself sucks on them too. That stud stands, his knob drooping out of his fly. Jasmine sits on the daybed, her dark-skinned boots still on, and hungrily engulfs his shaft into her juicy mouth, sliding her hand to the base and back afresh.

The hot, skinny brunette dish queen makes sounds of intense pleasure as this babe tongues Lord Chandler. As this chab pulls her head closer to him to gulp each inch, Lord Chandler’s valet enters the bedroom with the evening beverage. “I’m sorry, sir” this stud says, an embarrassed look shadowing his face. “I told u about knocking,” admonishes Chandler.

Jasmine, on the other hand, is horny to watch the servant. “Come here,” this babe dictates him. “Yes, miss?” As in a short time as this chab makes his way over to the couple, she reaches out to squeeze his package. “It resembles she craves an supplementary,” Chandler observes matter-of-factly. Schlong is removed from pants and now Jasmine has two rock hard lap dancing clubs to suck and jack off. This babe will have her hands full tonight with these two dongs. They, in turn, will take her cunt and arse in a furious Dual Penetration.

This scene is available on DVD in the best-seller Big boobed Riding Academy.

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Victoria Versaci – Fuck the large bootied cleaning lady!

Bonk the greater than run of the mill butted cleaning lady!

Fuck the big bootied cleaning lady!

Bigger than run of the mill assed Mexican Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK Victoria Versaci is back, and this time, she’s the cleaning beauty in an office building. Tony is working overtime when that lady-killer pays attention Victoria. Actually, this chab takes notice her bosoms and wazoo coz even a standard-issue uniform adore the one Victoria is wearing can not hide her assets. Tony gives a decision to take a break from working and asks Victoria if she’d love to take a break, too. Fortunately, they both have the same kind of break in mind. Mouthing and fucking ensues. They’ll be in larger than typical bother if the boss brandishes up.

Victoria is a Mother and divorcee from Mexico, and this babe has one of the paramount asses we’ve ever viewed. It is large, round and demands to be pounded. How fine is Victoria’s a-hole? It looks worthy even when that babe is wearing sneakers. Most women need heels to make their ass look half as fine as Victoria’s looks even with out the assistance of lift. No wonder Tony chooses Victoria’s rump as the landing spot for his load.

Victoria is Fifty two years mature. That babe lives in Los Angeles. She’s divorced. This is her second time screwing on-camera. The 1st time was likewise with us. As hawt as she’s, that babe doesn’t go out looking for pecker. This babe doesn’t cruise the beaches finding youthful boyz who’ll a gang bang her doggy position. This babe is not a nudist. She’s not a swinger. She’d by no means had sex on-camera previous to she came to That babe is a hot Latin chick businesswoman.

That is right, that babe isn’t a cleaning lady. But she’d be a heckuva priceless one if that babe were.

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Tiggle Bitties – Tiggle Reads Reader Requests

Tiggle Reads Browser Requests

Tiggle Reads Reader Requests

Supernaturally stacked and bubbly Tiggle Bitties reads aloud some suggestions and requests by SCORELAND members (such as jerk-off encouragement, oiling and smokin’ a cigarette) and chooses one that turns the couch into a bounce abode and big-boobed playhouse. A joy, hot vid that keeps Tiggles’s squishy, bouncy, bigger than run of the mill ‘ol hooters in magic motion almost all of the time.

“They’re just full and big and chubby,” says Tiggle. “I like it. I am the foremost person to take to concerts. I can fit a flask underneath each boob. I can sneak ’em in. Nobody’s intend to cuddle me in advance of a concert.”

Speaking of groping…

“I’ve been rubbed a lot. More by homo dudes than by straight men. With tons of homo men, it is not even a thought. They’ll go, ‘Oh my god!’ and fur pie them. It’s adore an impulse. ‘Boobs! That is extraordinary!’ I don’t mind much. As long as people aren’t gross, and homo boyz aren’t gross about it, and if you’re celebrating my breasts and groping me, that is breathtaking!”

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Cassie Cougar – Secretary’s Lunch 60 minutes

Secretary’s Lunch Hour

Secretary's Lunch Hour

The boss’s Personal Assistant does a lot more than take dictation and bend over a lot to pick up dropped pencils. What do u expect hiring a office assistant named Cassie Cougar? Cassie spends her lunch break gobbling the boss’s bone. JMac’s cock was a defiance for her. Cassie gladly took it on.

“It’s ridiculously larger than average,” said Cassie. “And I do not have experience with bigger in size than average dicks. My boys have been fairly run of the mill and archetypal. It’s a challenge for me. It’s a little scary. And this chap did comment that I was petite. Apparently I am not equipped to handle the bigger ones.”

Cassie took it well.

Mom I’D LIKE TO FUCK Cassie was a office administrator before this babe decided to take the dive into the hot adult modeling pool.

“I at no time did everything at this level in advance of,” that babe said. “My web webcam is solo merely, so it is just me and my toys. I did an amateur movie scene with an mature partner, but the digital camera was on a tripod and there was not truly a complete lot happening.”

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Amanda Verhooks – Now Fifty something, Amanda enjoys an interracial ass-fuck

Now Fifty something, Amanda enjoys an interracial ass-fuck

Now Fifty something, Amanda enjoys an interracial ass-fuck

When Amanda Verhooks got ass-fucked last year at, this babe said, “I crave all the boys to stroke while they’re watching me getting my wazoo screwed. I want them to shoot their loads during the time that watching me, then I urge ’em to tell me about it. It is the least they could do. I gave up my butt for ’em.”

Amanda is now Fifty one years mature and has graduated to, and to celebrate, she’s getting ass-fucked anew, but this time by a larger than average, dark-skinned weenie. And since Amanda is so little (this babe weighs approximately just 126 pounds), that bigger in size than typical penis looks even bigger in her throat, cum-hole and chocolate hole.

Amanda is divorced. She’s a swinger. That babe used to be a sexy dancer. She’s from Michigan and lives in Florida. This babe told that babe observed her scenes with a hubby and discovered them very inspirational.


“They inspired me to have more sex,” Amanda said.

Amanda was detected by Sally D’Angelo, one of our much loved 60Plus MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK. Adore Sally, that babe has a stiff body and a dirty throat. Admirable combination. Savour.

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Rockell – Once A Fullsome funbags Hotty…

Once A Breasts Hotty…

Once A Melons Goddess...

Rockell used to be a Marangos waitress in advance of she became a model. If that babe ever wanted to go back to it, this babe could take her pick of places. Lots of new “breastaurants” have popped up (and out) in recent times. Rockell once spoken about working for Fullsome funbags for about a year.

“I worked at Fullsome funbags, and obviously I filled out the requirements very well and the tips were very priceless,” Rockell told us in a SCORELAND clip chat called “Rockin’ The Abode.”

“I was really in the restaurant on Christmas Day eating with a ally. I was clothed cute, but my whoppers weren’t out. I had on a sweater cuz it was cold. My waitress was a very nice-looking Bumpers hotty and she was adore, ‘Would you love to work here?’ And I was love, ‘Oh, why not? Certainly.’ So she went and got the manager and this fellow hired me on the spot and I was a Mounds gal.”

Knowing Rockell was a Fullsome funbags Angel, our studio did their version of a breasturant waitress.

“I truly love cosplay,” said Rockell. “I have a naughty maid suit somewhere around the house. I love to wear it when I clean. Super pleasure and sexy play time! My favorite outfit I have is my school beauty. Who doesn’t love a super cute virginal blond in dress-up? Do not forget the pigtails!”

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Nicky Ferrari – Nicky Ferrari comes to

Nicky Ferrari comes to

Nicky Ferrari comes to

Nicky Ferrari is a Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK. She’s a Mom. This babe has two sons.

That babe is also a porn star.

For many of us, that’s the perfect combination. Let’s face it: Mature honey bunnys are more glamorous when they’re mamas. It is worthwhile to know that they’re someone’s Mother and they’re fucking on-camera for all the world to watch. And, for some reason, it’s better when they have sons, not daughters. That is coz lads don’t say to women, “Your Mom is hawt,” but they do say it to lads. They might get the shit kicked out of them for saying it, but they say it in any case.

So, Nicky is a hawt Mother who was born in Mexico and now lives in Southern California. She’s Fourty six years old. She’s 5’4″, 128 pounds with DD-cup mellons. And when we asked her what kind of fellows she likes, that babe told, “All boyz.”

So that includes you.

This babe dresses sexy when she goes out coz “I urge all the dudes looking st me.” And, yet, the people who know her finest would be surprised to see her screwing on-camera cuz they don’t know about her secret life.

By the way, the woman chaser she’s screwing in this scene is 25 years mature. Young sufficient to be her son.

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Mischel Lee – Spitters Ain’t Always Quitters

Spitters Ain’t Always Quitters

Spitters Ain't Always Quitters

1st, we have to give Mischel Lee some gold stars for the outfit that babe is wearing in this hardcore scene. Tight, cut-off denim shorts, a tight abdomen shirt over a tight bra and high heels is exactly what your crazed SCORE editors would have chosen for her to wear. Mischel has the body for it. Her photographer was a camera-wielding passenger on Boob Cruise ’97 and now a accomplished so this chab thinks love we do.

Mischel makes a cup of coffee for Steve, one of SCORE‘s regular Euro-studs, and when he comes into the kitchen, the enjoyment and games start. Mischel drops to her knees and gives his wang and balls a great tongue washroom. Cupping her big ones jointly, Mischel suggests ’em to him for a tit-fuck. Holding the back of Mischel’s head, Steve rams her cleavage fast and rock hard. Tit-fucking friction heats up her pair so Mischel spits on his pants piston to lube it.

Mischel stands up and turns around, her back to Steve. This guy gets down to finger-bang her hair-covered, pierced slit and then eat her out as that babe cries in pleasure. Grabbing Mischel by the waist, Steve bones the skinny, curly dark-skinned brown bra-buster doggy position, standing up. No must go to the bedroom. They screw furiously on the kitchen floor.

Their cum bigger in size than standard O have to be famous (spoiler alert!). Kneeling on the floor, Mischel jacks his schlong fast, keeping the tip in her face hole until he loudly surrenders his seed. Taking his knob out of her mouth, Mischel turns to the digital camera. That babe opens her throat and a gigantic load falls out, landing on her large pantoons. Spitters ain’t always quitters and Mischel Lee is no quitter.

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