Lacy – Welcome to the booty club, Lacy

Welcome to the booty lap dancing club, Lacy

Welcome to the butt lap dancing club, Lacy

When we asked 48-year-old Lacy if that babe is into anal sex, this babe told, “If I’m super-horny, yes.”

Lacy did not know if she’d be super-horny when we asked her to receive ass-fucked on-camera for the 1st time. After all, we asked her weeks before the scene was discharged. But when the time came…

“I’m willing!” this sexy divorcee, Mama and grandmother told. “Bring him on!”

“Him” is Tarzan, who eagerly banged Lacy’s nice-looking ass. And Lacy eagerly received.

“I adore funny, confident boyz,” Lacy told us.

We do not know if Tarzan is laughable, but this stud seems marvelous assertive.

“My family and allies know I do photo discharges, but not past that,” she told.

Meaning they do not know that she shags, much less receives ass-fucked, on-camera.

They’d be surprised to observe. After all, how many 48-year-old mamas and grandmothers do anal on-camera? Few. Welcome to the arse exotic dancing club, Lacy.

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Madison Milstar – Madison and anal

Madison and anal

Madison and anal

When this scene spreads, 65-year-old Madison Milstar is rushing to answer the door. She’s wearing a low-cut blouse that exposes lots of cleavage, a short skirt and high heels.

“We do not have that much time,” she says to Carlos. “My husband’s gonna be home in Twenty minutes. I am so lustful.”

She’s fondelling his crotch. She’s desperate to receive his meat-thermometer out of his pants. They don’t have a moment to waste.

“I cant expect. U have such a impressive schlong,” this babe says as that babe takes his wang into her throat.

Well, in the short period of time she’s been allotted by her hubby’s absence, Madison also takes Carlos’ cock into her vagina and arse. Yes, in only her second scene, this wife, Mom and granny is getting butt-fucked by a big-cocked porn dude.

“Being 65 sounded aged, and I did not wish to be aged, and I’m a fan of porn,” Madison told. “I adore to view it, and I’ve always said, ‘I could do that.’ And my partner said to me one day, ‘I know u can do it. Would you like to?’ And I said, ‘You’re kidding, aren’t you?’ This chab discharged off my images to The SCORE Group, and within 10 minutes, you got back to him saying, ‘”She’s in.'”

Here, Carlos is in Madison’s booty, and Madison loves it.

“My girlfriends all tell me I have got the sex drive of a stud,” she said. “They’ve by no means met somebody like me. I urge sex all the time. I’m always up for it.”

This babe came to the right place.

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Westy – Coeds Need Cash For Tuition

Coeds Need Money For Tuition

Coeds Need Cash For Tuition

In a perfect world, marvelous youthful girls would not need to pay bloodsucking universities a ridiculous tuition plus pay for books, dorm rooms, uniforms and other expenses needed for educational purposes. But we live in an idiotic world. Unlike her boy-friend coeds who give their hot bodies away for free in one-night hook-ups on drunken weekends, Westy receives laid on-camera to pay the bills.

Her client Neeo is glad with his choice. “I pay for a beer. I pay for clothes. I pay my landlord,” argues Neeo. “Why should rogering a beauty be so different? Who is to say that cuties giving away sex is ok but taking money is bad? What is the real difference? There’s none.” Having forked over his specie, Neeo is like a hungry gent at a breakfast buffet, greedily giving a kiss and touching with tongue Westy’s gorgeous student body.

Westy is all his for the next 20 minutes and this fellow can not wait to fuck her milk sacks, face hole and muff. “If I took Westy out on a date, I’d spend cash and maybe this babe wouldn’t fuck me,” says Neeo. “This way I just take that specie, give it to her and I am guaranteed a admirable time. She gets to pay her tuition and I have to support fetching high-school beauties and their education.” Sounds like a plan. Neeo copulates Westy like a avid fellow in every position this chab can think of and gives her a nutritious cum beverage down her mouth.

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Liza Biggs – Swingin’ Sex

Swingin’ Sex

Swingin' Sex

The sex swing is a great invention that comes close to simulating zero-gravity and lets a couple try out poses that are difficult and uncomfortable on a run of the mill surface. It is a swingin’ time for Liza Biggs when the big-boobed superstar tries out this system of straps and thongs at SCORELAND and gets a boost from one more swinger called Tarzan. Liza swings through the air with the greatest of tease, a real natural in anything. Inspect Liza’s BJ and tit-fucking poses in pix 16 to 25 and how she swings on Tarzan’s ramrod in fotos 32 to 43.

In late September, 2014, chef Liza was a apprentice at SCORELAND. This babe had by no means modeled previous to. She’d not at any time uploaded nude pictures to the web, not at any time danced or been on-stage in a lap dancing club (“I usually get a lot of attention from the strippers. They usually wanna come over and play with my boobs”). Liza was a bit nervous but on her first visit this babe did a boy-girl scene. In just one year, Liza’s become a top adult model and has self-confidence to spare. Now she is in SCORE‘s Greenhorn of the Year 2015 contest.

Writes G.N. from Oberlin, Ohio: “Liza Biggs is an absolute marvel. Leave it to SCORE to find a hotty adore this. Liza’s hardcore is the kind of thing I keep hoping you’ll give us on a regular basis and proves that this goddess knows what to do with her marangos. Any beauty can suck rod and shag. A flat-chested girl can do that. But Liza reveals us that that babe knows how to do things with her bra buddies to drive any tit-man barmy. It is wondrous this babe did not suffocate her partners with all that boob mashing.”

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Madison Milstar – Madison can’t live without ace screw

Madison likes anal job

Madison can't live with out anal sex

When we asked 65-year-old wife, Mama and grandmother Madison Milstar if she enjoys anal sex, she told, “Oh my gosh, yes! I adore it a lot. I do not desire to wear out that part of my body, so I take part in it sparingly.”

Madison has enjoyed getting ass-fucked for the past 25 years (do the math: that’s when that babe turned the magical larger than run of the mill four-oh), but she had at no time been ass-fucked on-camera until now. Really, this babe had not at any time fucked on-camera until that babe made her initial appearance a not many months ago. So, from porno newbie to ass-fucked GILF in just 2 scenes…way to go, Madison!

Madison is not your typical 65-year-old granny. The fact that she is here, doing this, should tell you that. And that babe has a more magnificant body than 99.999% of all 65-year-olds. And she’s gracious and hawt. And this babe can’t get enough.

“I’ll always view porn and masturbate,” that babe told. “The 2 go hand-in-hand for me. Usually I am in my office at home, sitting in a good office chair, on my COMPUTER with my pocket rocket handy and my teat clamps on. They just pinch my teats perfectly so I don’t need to do it. I’m busy with my little toys and having joy with my snatch. I think I’m more free now than I was when I was 30, come to think of it.”

We asked her if this babe could’ve done this when she was Thirty, and this babe told, “Oh, absolutely not. Not with my job and a juvenile son.”

But now, Madison can do soever that babe wants whenever this babe wishes and wherever that babe wants. In our studio, for example. And we’re all free to check out.

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Kitana Flores – Kitana Doubles Down

Kitana Doubles Down

Kitana Doubles Down

Super-hottie Kitana Flores admits this babe is nervous but sexually excited and exuberant. This babe is not into threeway bonks in her personal life. But she’s looking forward to getting fucked by two chaps on-camera coz, “I’m gonna feel adore a queen. I am intend to get so much attention.” The fact is, Kitana doesn’t appear to be nervous at all. This South Beach knockout receives into being the plaything of these 2 cockslingers. When the boyz empty their balls and spray her after a solid banging, they tights Kitana to the point where her face is overspread in semen that oozes down her chin and onto her perfectly-shaped mammaries. This scene, and Kitana’s anal scene, are historic events ‘coz this babe is at no time done either on-camera. But, as in her debut anal, Kitana does some other kick-ass scene.

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Brianna Wildman – Engulf, two-three-four. Screw, two-three-four.

Suck, two-three-four. Bonk, two-three-four.

Suck, two-three-four. Screw, two-three-four.

Yeah, 47-year-old Brianna Wildman is a dance instructor.

But does this babe engulf and copulate her students’ jocks?

That’s smth you are intend to receive to inspect for yourself. But if this video, in which Brianna receives hammered by big-cocked Carlos, were an advertisement for Brianna’s services, she’d have a line out the door.

But do not await any brides to send their future grooms to Brianna for pre-wedding dance lessons. That would be a bad move.

A good move: Bringing back Brianna, who 1st appeared in our studio in 2008 for her 1st hardcore and solo shoots and hasn’t discharged for anyone else. Seven years later, this golden-haired divorcee still has a tight little body with big pointer sisters, a little waist and a twat so taut, it had Carlos and JMac (her woman chaser for her next scene) raving. They almost came too soon, that is how taut Brianna’s Fourty something cookie is.

Brianna is divorced. She is a singer, dancer and writer who lives in Las Vegas. This babe is very outgoing, very enthusiastic about what that babe does. Especially about what that babe does here.

Brianna enjoys romantic movie scenes. She says a stud can acquire her attention by being considerate and kind. This babe says her unsurpassable physical asset is her legs. This babe at not time viewed the 1st scenes that babe shot for ‘coz “I’m a doer, not a watcher.”

Yep, but there’s no thing wrong with watching Brianna doing Carlos.

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Crystal Gunns – 1st & Last Milk sacks & Tugs Wank

1st & Final Mammaries & Tugs Wank

First & Final Pantoons & Tugs Jack Off

Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps truly stroking off a meat-thermometer to blast off made the 1st Boobs & Tugs DVD the most popular in the series, even beating off some hardcore vids. Crystal’s fans by no means thought they would ever watch that event. It took a very lengthy time to make this once happening a reality.

We still receive browsers asking when Crystal will return, if this babe will ever do a full-out hardcore sex scene and if we have any unseen content in the archive. For example, “I am wondering if there’re anymore Crystal Gunns autographs or ram like that. I am a COLOSSAL fan of hers. There was a contest where someone won an autographed under garment of hers and I would like to buy it off the winner if he still has it. I have adore Thirty autographed 8X10’s of her already and most of her movies.”

If you’ve been a SCORE Boy during Crystal’s run, u know it’s a major thing to indeed watch Crystal in P.O.V. photography jacking a buck off and getting her pointer sisters fucked. The way this babe looked at the camera and smiled with the guy’s meat-thermometer wedged betwixt her brassiere and her knockers was boner material. Truly, drubbing is the better word than jacking since we remember Crystal’s August 2005 SCORE interview.

“That’s what the boys usually tell me at the undress clubs,” Crystal told. “‘I spank off to you all the time, Crystal!’ So, I would rather hear that word, drubbing, then wanking off. I always wonder why they can’t say something more sultry than ‘I’m drubbing off to you!’ I want they would say it nicer adore, ‘I enjoy your photos’ or ‘I relish your episodes.'”

Soever you wanna call it…hand-job, palm-party, happy-ending…we are very grateful to Crystal for lending a hand and unfathomable cleavage. When the woman chaser popped, Crystal did not skip a beat even though that babe was clearly surprised when this Lothario squirted his sperm right in her face as that babe was jerking him with 2 hands. Fortunately, the cameraman filmed it. Crystal indeed is “like you’ve at no time seen her in advance of.”

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Jessie Simmons – Delectable Tablemate

Delectable Tablemate

Delectable Tablemate

If Jessie Simmons, the cute, pretty golden-haired from the Czechia, wanted to use your table as a stage, we doubt u would complain about scuff marks and the baby oil from her shining body soaking into the wood. We did not complain either.

Now that Jessie has done her first XXX scene with a gent, and quickly also, what does she wanna try next?

“I wanna have sex with a goddess,” says Jessie. “I have at no time done that.”

Jessie is a “what you watch is what u get” angel. This babe says she has no fetishes, no interest in kinky sex, no whips, no unconventional costumes. This babe rarely masturbates, just likes meat-thermometer in her wet crack and is a spitter. But who knows? That could change. U know how women are.

Identify out Jessie’s Bonus scene, “Girl In The Town.”

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