Desiree – Widen Formation

Widen Formation

Spread Formation

U would love to play touch football with Desiree. After all, you have watched each inch of her voluptuously stacked physique at SCORELAND for the past four years. U have seen Desiree tackled and blitzed. You’ve observed her end zone penetrated. These full, robustly large milk cans are a fun to watch in “hang time.” Opposing players have committed a few holding violations against her. Bend, a team fuck and bounce are not just football coaching terms used to describe Desiree’s widen formation. Desiree is in a dream football league of her own.

“Guys desire to look in my eyes, but they get stuck at my chest. They are always looking at my mellons. I watch their faces, but they are not staring at my eyes.” That’s one way to fake them out and score a touchdown, Desiree.

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Barbara Angel – New Discovery

New Discovery

New Discovery

It’s the 1st time for ever-smiling Barbara Angel, an magnificant V-mag discovery from the land of grand meatballs and curvy butts, Czechia. Barbara wanted to glamour model and identified TSG throughout the internet. Is the Czechia the #1 place for big breasted girls who adore to brandish their bigger in size than standard pantoons, asses and cookies? For a miniature nation, they produce an above archetypal number of naturally big-boobed, voluptuous gals who are insane to adult model. It definitely seems that way and figures don’t fib. Romania is close behind and then there is Great Britain. Where’s Canada?

Barbara loves to swim, go to the gym and jog. This babe enjoys animated movie scenes and horror flicks, loves to go the cinema and listens to punk music. She spends a lot of time with her superlatively worthwhile friend, her little dog who this babe dotes on. Barbara is yet another adult model who desires to try skydiving. (Nearly each recent glamour model lists parachute jumping as a goal.)

“When I go out, I love to wear clothes. I like to wear hot tops and mini-dresses. I always receive a lot of attention cuz of my milk cans and, yes, I like that. I always wear a bra except for sleeping. “

Barbara’s English is glamorous nice and that babe likewise uses one of those translating apps. In this first movie, Barbara’s quiet until this babe gets undressed and feels herself up. Then the moaning starts.

Barbara’s excellent at self-sucking her nipples. When this babe takes her pliable mangos out of her undergarment, their size is outstanding. Miss Angel’s areolae are very wide and her nips are pointy and prominent. If you are one of the many who dig blue-veined breast skin, Barbara has ’em.

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Holly Brooks – Hot For Holly

Hot For Holly

Hot For Holly

An octogenarian would be sexy for Holly Brooks (HardSCORE 5, Breasty Meat-thermometer Worshippers 4 on DVD). The golden-haired sex-bomb, a fairly fresh greenhorn to SCORE, is the fresh succulent dream gal for countless tit-men. The fresh go-to angel to drop a load over. This babe appears in their fantasies and dreams, stripping and sluggishly swaying her bigger in size than run of the mill mammaries to give them nocturnal emissions.

Holly started off as a nude glam model. She did no twat spreading, no toying or finger fucking and no hanky-panky-spanky. Then that babe changed her mind and got into porn. As we’ve told for years, beauties who do hardcore had to start somewhere and exchange “no-no-no” for “yes-yes-yes.” Check out Puma Swede and Kelly Madison, as examples.

Holly Brooks has special talents. This babe is double-jointed. She likes dancing, exotic dancing and grinding for a stud. This babe knows acupressure, Swedish and unfathomable tissue massages. This babe can deep tissue massage your balls. This babe will do all of this for you in the privacy of a bedroom, and a lot more. Holly can deep-throat with the finest of them. This babe has no tats. Now that’s atypical this day!

Holly’s favorite sex position is doggie-style because she says it hits her the deepest. Holly likes G-Spot stimulation and Tony, her fuck-man in this recent SCORE video, has the long horn to give her that stimulation.

“I LIKE teat stimulation, kissing, getting my bra buddies rubbed, and oral job, one as well as the other giving and getting, for foreplay, previous to I screw,” says Holly. “I like anal job and when I give a fellow a blowjob, I usually gulp his load.”

A former financial analyst, Holly finds her recent life in the adult world a lot more thrilling than the financial services industry. Their loss is our gain.

Holly Brooks. Is that babe real or is this babe a mirage?

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Jade Steele – Jade’s Cum Cocktail

Jade’s Cum Cocktail

Jade's Cum Cocktail

Jade Steele, a 44-year-old MILF from Las Vegas, returns to acquire fucked one more time, and that babe makes it very peculiar. This sexy, exotic divorcee is wearing underware that shoves up her milk shakes. That babe sucks Jmac’s colossal knob while looking into the digi camera, then this babe takes his large jock in her wet crack. And then, this chab cums.

But where does Jmac cum?

JMac cums into a champagne glass.

And why does Jmac cum into a champagne glass?

So Jade can gulp his load.

That’s called a cum cocktail.

“It’s gorgeous,” told Jade, who’s a realtor back home. We wonder if she drinks her clients’ cum.

We asked Jade about her kinkiest raunchy encounter.

“I’m still awaiting for that moment,” that babe told.

Drinking cum from a champagne flute?

“This might be it.”

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Bridgette B – Big breasted Coed On A Chain

Big boobed Coed On A Chain

Busty Coed On A Chain

“A pair of years agone, I endevoured to have sex inside my college library, and let us just say it did not decide ‘coz I’m indeed loud and the library is actually quiet, so u could hear everything from the zipper being pulled down to me telling him, ‘Did you bring a jo-bag?’ Everybody could hear me, and once another time, they waited a half sixty minutes before they came up and took us away.”

That was a real-life experience Bridgette spoken about. Now here in a place that appears adore The Sexorcist’s living room, Bridgette is decked out in hawt coed sexy clothes with one minor difference. That babe has a collar around her neck attached to a chain. And anybody is about to come by and pet her. Bridgette dances 1st in advance of her owner exposes up to claim her.

Popping her larger than standard love muffins out over her undergarment and top, Bridgette drools on her mounds. This babe widens her enchanting face hole and in goes his pocket pork. Bridgette receives it all in, gagging, drooling and spitting on it. That petticoat chaser screws her throat, filling her face hole. She obviously has a degree in deep-throating ‘coz her oral sex skills are a study in excellence.

Widening her legs, Bridgette receives rogered, 1st in her tight cum-hole, then anew in her taut arsehole. This hotty is so hawt, that chair is willing to burst into flames.

Bridgette B is very vocal when she receives drilled. This babe says she’s very loud and the movie of this scene is the confirmation. “At home, if I’m on my own taking care of business, I am still really screwing loud,” says Bridgette. More vigour to her. Beauties like her make us contented to be boys.

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Cara Reid – Smooth ride

Smooth ride

Smooth ride

“I lived a very sheltered life until 15 years ago, when I met my second hubby,” Cara told. “A Southern upbringing with Bible, church, things adore that. As I grew up, I could feel things inside, but society says, ‘Ladies don’t do those kinds of things.’ I was raised adore that.”

Now, thank’s to Sally D’Angelo, who identified her, Cara is rogering for the second time at, and this time that babe is appreciating a facial. A cum-on-your-face facial, of course.

“I adore a petticoat chaser who is a gentleman and knows how to treat a woman,” Cara said.

Tony, her youthful lady-killer in this scene, knows how to drill her face and old muff and leave behind a parting gift. His cum.

“I love amusement parks and zoos,” Cara told. “Roller coasters and animals are my favorite.”

Cara knows how to ride Tony and how to receive ridden. She enjoys doggie-style sex.

“My partner enjoys watching me, and that makes it even more priceless.”

Cara, after your hubby watches this scene, we’re envisaging a full report.

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Vivian Piper – Please Give Me That Rod In My Booty!

Please Give Me That Ding-dong In My A-hole!

Please Give Me That Dong In My Butt!

About nine minutes into this video, 43-year-old divorcee Vivian Piper says the magic words.

“Please give me that 10-Pounder in my butt!” Vivian tells Tony D.

That Lothario grants her desire. Who wouldn’t? After all, this is the femdom-goddess who one time told us, “I like getting banged. I like having sex. The more the merrier. The filthier the more glamorous,” and “I like anal sex.”

How much does Vivian love ace copulate?

“I’d take it over traditional vaginal sex any day of the week.”

By why elect, Vivian? In this scene, Tony bonks your face hole, then this dude fucks your twat, then this fellow screws your ass, then he fucks your muff anew, then he copulates your butt, back and forth, back and forth until this fellow cums on your face.

“Anal sex is what acquire me off easiest and hardest,” she said. “I’m kind of a tough nut to crack when it comes to orgasms, but anal is a guarantee. I’m passive. I adore to be used. I like when a lad uses my a-hole.”

Tony D. does that here. Vivian receives to cum. And we must watch.

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Dee Dee Deluxx – Dee Dee Does Strapon

Dee Dee Does Meat-thermometer

Dee Dee Does Dick

Dee Dee Deluxx 1st posed for SCORE in 1998 as Chrissy Maxxx. Then this babe changed her name to Malibu Slick. Her first official SCORE episode was Tit Attack. In this scene, Anthony gives Dee Dee’s constricted fur pie a inflexible banging, bangs her bouncy bosoms and fills her mouth. Dee Dee’s scoops can engulf the mammoth trouser-snakes so screwing these immense mammaries and jizzing them is no elementary feat. Not one to back off a challenge, Tony douses her heavy boobies with his nut-milk before leaving her to go shag one more woman. Enjoy seeing mega-boobed strippers with cocks banged unfathomable in their slits? Dee Dee is for u.

“I’ve made an art-form out of titty-fucking. I like being titty-fucked,” says Dee Dee. Her breast fetish is powerful. But not the bumpers of sweethearts, just her own biggest couple. “I’m into rod and ball worship. I’ll fill my face hole with balls adore a lad sucks on a nipple. I am not into girls although everyone wishes I was.” Dee Dee says that babe is sexually passive but she looks confident to us.

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Olarita – Aged Love muffins

Aged Pantoons

Mature Hooters

When Olarita returned suddenly after seven years and wanted to resume getting stripped and excited, that babe sent us some images that showed how much bigger her titties had gotten. It’s a worthwhile thing we have interpreters! “I was bored working at my job and I wanted to do something that excites me. So I emailed you and u told okay. That made me very glad.”

“I think I am hornier now than when I was younger. I need more sex now and if I am not with a sexy dude, I must masturbate each evening. Sometimes when I have just had sex with a fellow, I may still wanna cum more so I will tell him to suck and pinch my areolas and squeeze my mounds rock hard. While he’s doing that, I use my hands to turn on a marital-device, rub it inside me and rub my clitoris.”

“What did I suppose about when I masturbated in this movie? I thought about engulfing a guy’s large jock or him on top of me putting his penis between my bra buddies until that lady-killer makes a mess on them. I thought about the movie scene I did with Novis. Thank you for lending me a Lothario who likes my fullsome funbags!”

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