Melissa Manning – Buxotic & Patriotic

Buxotic & Patriotic

Buxotic & Patriotic

Cheers for the red, white and blue, colors that look especially nice on Melissa Manning’s wild curves, hills and valleys. Some of the photos in this photo set are intend to be printed and hung in garages, man-caves, military barracks, Fitness Centre lockers and other citadels where the female anatomy causes severe eyestrain, in celebration of the Fourth of July. Hopefully the Army, the Marines and the Air Force won’t cry dirt that the Navy sets off the fireworks this year in Melissa’s glamour photoshoot.

Melissa can actually provide the firepower to a bikini. But bras are a different story. “I abhor buying bras cuz it’s unbending to find the right size,” laments Melissa, a common complaint with SCORE and Voluptuous glamour models. When we can, we try to suggest aid. It’s gratifying that we can assist curvacious beauties such as Melissa identify their real below garment sizes so that they can go about their days in comfort.

“I am constantly adjusting my love melons in my brassiere. I mean, I do not do it in people’s faces, but if I’m out and no one is looking at me.”

There are many who do crave Melissa to adjust herself in their faces. Love each gent in SCORELAND.

Glad Fourth.

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Felicia Clover – The Ol’ Ball-gag & Chain

The Ol’ Ball-gag & Chain

The Ol' Ball-gag & Chain

Felicia Clover with a ball-gag in her face hole? The wholesome, apple-pie cheeked redhead with the BBW figure? Tied at the wrists and ankles like some sacrificial maiden? At least Felicia’s not fastened to the railroad tracks! Immediately following the big-tit bondage images is an anatomy course of specially posed head-to-toe shots of her luscious curvy form.

At not time fear. Snidely Whiplash by no means gets the chance to have his dastardly way with our feeble heroine. One time Felicia is freed of her bonds, her hands head south to play a sexy tune on her clitty.

Indeed Felicia has been exploring the unconventional world of thraldom and discipline and that babe feels that that babe truly loves it. So this is a practice that Felicia will be getting deeper into as time goes by.

Felicia appears so far in six magazines and four DVDs and November ’13 V-mag is her second V-mag cover in beneath a year.

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Sally D’Angelo – Rita Daniels, Sally D’Angelo and the Yogi

Rita Daniels, Sally D’Angelo and the Yogi

Rita Daniels, Sally D'Angelo and the Yogi

U know how some women complain that males always have sex on their minds? Well, 62-year-old Rita Daniels and 59-year-old Sally D’Angelo are 2 ladies who always have sex on their minds, too. That’s why we brought them jointly.

In this scene, Rita and Sally are getting ready for Yoga class. Their large, GILF wobblers are popping without their constricted tops. They’re talking about their Yoga instructor. Rita wants to be “more pliant.” That is so she can receive fucked in even more positions. We’re cheerful that Rita and Sally the one and the other acknowledge the connection betwixt Yoga and sex. They demonstrate how some of the pelvic thrusts often used in Yoga are also helpful when a female is getting her cookie eaten. Thrust and take up with the tongue!

Yoga is supposed to be a time for relaxation and meditation, but Sally and Rita cant relax because all they’re focused on is the instructor’s pecker. They become even more explicit as they ask the Yogi to critique their poses. Previous to they know it, the instructor is rubbing their love tunnels throughout their tights. Then this gent is fondelling their clits and taking out their pointer sisters. Is that the kind of thing that is supposed to happen in a Yoga studio?

It’s in this one.

Previous to lengthy, the ladies are going down on his ding-dong and sucking his testicles and passing it back and forth. Sometimes one sucks the rod while the other licks the shaft. Then they’re getting rogered in all kinds of poses that might, if you’ve a precious imagination, be related to Yoga. Doggie position? Downward doggie? Ok.

“Lick his testicles!” Sally says to Rita while riding the Yogi’s schlong.

The cock goes back and forth from one old, soaked fur pie to the other. Finally, Rita and Sally open their throats for the Yogi’s load. This might not be what goes on in the Yoga studio near u, but it is what goes on in ours.

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Karyn Martin – Karyn usually doesn’t do this kind of thing

Karyn usually doesn’t do this kind of thing

Karyn usually doesn't do this kind of thing

“My tattoo artist gave me your company’s name and told I should send photos,” told 44-year-old first-timer Karyn Martin, who has one tattoo on her left ring finger and some other one on her lower back. “So I did!”

We’re cheerful she did. Karyn was born in New Jersey and now lives in a bedroom suburb of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is a divorced Mother of two and a nurse. We adore nurses. This babe says people who know her would be surprised to see her here–sucking dick, getting fucked, getting a healthy dose of cum all over her gorgeous face–because “I have always been very conservative.”

So, it’s not surprising that Karyn is neither a swinger nor a nudist. But that babe has sex every single day, likes oral (getting and, as you’re about to see, giving) and once had sex during the time that bent over a four-wheeler in broad daylight, right out in the open.

Did this babe say that babe is conservative?

In one of our prefered images, Karyn widens her cum-hole wide while that babe has her mouth stuffed with Pike’s meat.

Conservative? Okay. If that babe says so.

Karyn enjoys four-wheeling, sunbathing, fishing and camping. Her beloved team is the Miami Dolphins, and this babe was a runner and a gymnast when she was younger.

That babe usually doesn’t wear panties.

Conservative, eh?

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Claudia KeAloha – Are Big-Boob Strippers The Best Screws? Part 2

Are Big breasted Strippers The Utmost Copulates? Part 2

Are Big breasted Strippers The Majority valuable Copulates? Part 2

Are big boobed strippers the best screws? That question was asked in Holly Brooks’ first appearance stripper movie. Holly would agree. Big breasted strippers are the foremost copulates.

Big-boobed lap dancers and strippers meet lots of dudes live, up-close and personal on-stage and in VIP Rooms. They know what makes us tick, what we wish, what gets us inflexible and how we think. And when some of them acquire into porn, look out.

This time, huge-titted gogo dancer Claudia KeAloha, who has many SCORE credits to her name and currently dances in Pompano Beach, Florida, reveals how this babe pleasures a horn-dog named Rocky. Claudia gives him astounding unfathomable mouth, engulfing his penis all the way down. (Many bucks would blow their fucking loads within minutes during one of Claudia’s experienced blow jobs.) Rocky’s cockhead have to be tickling her tonsils! Rocky plays with her hot, quickly-wetting cookie and fingers her clitty whilst she skillfully sucks his prick.

After this babe has had her mouthful of man-shaft, Claudia sits on his ramrod and rides stiff. That’s merely the starting of their sexy pumping party. Like any accustomed, man-pleasing gogo dancer, Claudia leaves her skyscraper heels on during the time that she’s being rogered ‘cuz they add curvature and shape to her legs and poke her taut and toned ass out.

“I love a precious penis size,” reveals Claudia who is usually more about action than discussion. “And I adore assertive, assertive guys. I love to have my teats sucked as we copulate and to be kissed while rogering makes me cum. My favorite position is missionary. I’ve sex about twice a month. I love sex but since I dont have a boyfriend, one has to be careful. I dont adore to have longtime boyfriends. The closest I have come to sex in public is filming movies. It is fun to be viewed.”

Claudia too told us a secret. “I did a scene with the beautiful Summer Sinn in a SCORE film (A bed-shaking 3some with Jean Val Jean and Summer in Unsurpassable Summer Sinn, accessible from That left me with a crush on her for awhile. I’d watch her movies and masturbate.”

So, are breasty strippers the superlatively nice shags? We are still collecting the substantiation but it’s pointing to a yep. More research is needed. The erotic prowess of busty exotic dancer Claudia KeAloha has been indispensable to this study.

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Dee Siren

Dee Siren Dee Siren
Dee Siren @

Dee Siren Dee Siren
Visit – Hot Cougar Mammas With Hung Darksome Studs @ Blacks On Cougars | Dee Siren

Tatiana Blair – More To Fuck

More To Shag

More To Fuck

Tatiana Blair plays to win. 36G-cups on a 4’10” physique. That is a handful for any skirt chaser. Monumental, enormous handfuls. She is got More To Shag than the archetypical hotty. Tatiana’s intend to give John a wild ride in this close encounter of the slutty kind.

Tatiana has stored cellphones in her unfathomable breast valley. She stores smth else between her mammaries this time.

“You receive to be sexually open to do this kind of modeling,” said Tatiana who came to SCORE when a former hubby suggested that this babe would be great as a model. “I like experimenting, likewise. If I don’t, then I receive bored.”

The first time we saw Tatiana, we couldn’t await to watch her exposed. She has one astonishing rack and she’s as cute as hell… a real cuddle-bunny.

So what does this power-pixie await from a smooth operator in ottoman?

“Their meat-thermometer size doesn’t indeed matter so much as the way they use it. I’ve been with some nice-looking miniature boys who just knew how to hit the right spot. They just have to know what they’re doing. I think that the guy’s technique is really important when it comes to having sex.”

Look at her fullsome funbags as a gift. Buck gifts.

“It’s love giving kids new toys. They just want to play with them, and they’re love, ‘Oh my God, this is so fun!’ It is like they’re amazed and they can not acquire sufficient.”

And that’s the truth from Tatiana.

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Lilly – The international language of shag

The international language of bonk

The international language of fuck

Lilly, a 48-year-old brunette and first-timer at, is drinking wine with her dude. They do not say much. Copulate, they’re Czech. We would not understand them moreover. The boy slides a hand up Lilly’s leg. That babe spreads. We understand that language! We also understand when this babe swallows his pecker down to the balls. This is known as the International Language of Cock Engulfing. We don’t speak it, but we understand it. That lady-killer bonks her throat rock hard. She takes each inch. That’s called taking the 10-Pounder love a competent.

This Lothario pushes his schlong back into her throat and fucks her cheek. That babe takes a break by licking and engulfing his balls, then that man gives a decision to bonk her mouth some more. Lilly has absolutely no gag reflex. That’s coz that babe is a divorcee. She’s used to sucking big dicks. The gent, by the way, is 25 years aged.

Lilly bows over a chair so that babe can receive rogered doggy position. Whilst that babe does, her saggy whoppers flop back and forth. He drills her snatch even deeper. This babe sits on top of his schlong. Then they acquire on the floor so they can fuck adore animals do. This is very wonderful. But it’s not elegant. Lilly told us this babe likes to be elegant. Not here. Then that babe gets on all fours and shags doggie-style. It turns out that, just like her throat, Lilly’s muff can take a pounding, too. It is valuable watching Lilly during the time that she’s rogering. That babe has a old body. It’s a soft, fuckable body. This babe has no thing to hide.

Finally, Lilly widens her mouth for her date’s cum. This chab squirts all over her face. Some, but not all, of his cum receives in her face hole. She sticks her tongue out for more. When this scene ends, not a word has been spoken. But Lilly’s actions are worth a thousand words. Or at least two: Czech doxy.

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Sally D’Angelo – Rita Daniels & Sally D’Angelo share a jock

Rita Daniels & Sally D’Angelo share a jock

Rita Daniels & Sally D'Angelo share a cock

When Sally D’Angelo visited our studio for the 1st time earlier this year, we knew right away that we had to acquire her and Rita Daniels jointly for a three-some. members have already accustomed the magic of Rita and Sally together as the ladies combined for a scorching tug-and-suck scene in which the beauties seemed to be competing over who’s the more nice wang sucker. Now, and acquire to see the ladies jointly, and they’re going all the way.

Sally is Fifty nine. Rita is 62. The age difference is immaterial. All that matters is that they’re two old shag bimbos who cant acquire sufficient meat-thermometer and cum. And away they go!

The gals share weenie.

Rita gets rogered during the time that Sally sits on her face.

Rita tongues Sally’s clit while Sally acquires dicked doggystyle. The stud’s balls graze against Rita’s face. She’s nice with that.

Sally spreads her legs for a screwing. Rita licks her like button.

“It felt extraordinary!” Sally said.

The chap discharges his cock juice. Who the hell knows how this Lothario did not do it sooner. The gals open their mouths for cum then share it.

The clip is coming next. Break out the Bounty!

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