“A Lot Of Vixens Stare And Acquire Jealous”

“A Lot Of Honey bunnys Stare And Get Jealous”

During the time that we can definitely picture Anjii Ross shaking her large breasts on a stage, she’s by no means attempted any dancing in advance of she began cam undressed modeling. Here’s a brief Q&A with Florida bra-buster Anjii.

Do u observe adult videos? What kind do u like?
“So many, it is rock hard to pick a favourite! Cuckold, anal, DP, girl on girl, hardcore, POV and more.”

What much loved brands of bras do you buy?
“Fredericks of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret are worthwhile but it is so hard to identify my size. I adore this brand called Smart & Hawt. They always have truly hot bras in my size!”

Do jealous women ever say everything about your fun bags?
“Yes, lots of honey bunnys stare and acquire jealous. They’re always making catty remarks!”

Do u have any favorite journey spots?
“Anywhere with a admirable beach! I adore laying in the sun, all oiled up in my swim costume.”

Did you play sports in school?
“I played volleyball.”

In school, did you ever get over here a predicament for showing too much deep cleavage?
“Yes, all the time. It is rock hard to hide it when you have such bigger in size than standard milk cans!”

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M.I.L.F., divorcee and contented owner of our longest nipps ever

MILF, divorcee and proud owner of our longest areolas ever

MILF, divorcee and pleasured owner of our longest areolas ever

There’re a lot of things about Jenna Covelli that will acquire your attention. This babe is tall (5’8″), golden-haired, sexy and charming. But there is smth about Jenna that actually sets her apart from any woman we’ve ever seen, and that’s her teats.

Her teats are, to say the least, extreme. Investigate photos 11 and 16 and you’ll see what we mean (although you’ll receive a better check out in the episode interview we’re posting). Jenna’s teats are three-quarters of an inch long, making ’em the longest nipps in the history of 40 something, 50PlusMILFs and 60PlusMILFs. And although Jenna is wearing a sexy brassiere (and knickers) in these pics, that babe usually doesn’t, which means these pointers of her attract lots of attention.

“I’ve probably caused a hardly any accidents,” said this 50-year-old first-timer from California (born in Oakland, now living Palm Springs). “I adore the attention I acquire.”

Jenna figures to get a lot more attention one time those images watch the light of day (which is right now). She’s thin but curvy measuring a delectably trim 36-25-36, and this babe has a voracious sexual appetite.

“I have sex two or three times a day,” told Jenna, who’s a Mother of 2. “Sometimes more.”

On this day, that babe had sex at least two times that we know of. And we need to watch the one and the other of ’em!

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Philadelphia’s Blooming

Philadelphia’s Blooming

Philadelphia's Blooming

Many of today’s recent models don’t wait weeks, months or years to go the entire nine inches and there is usually no one or no thing trying to hold ’em back from playing out their “I’m free-to-fuck” dreams on digi camera. This magnificent, happy-go-lucky, huge-boobed stunner contacted SCOREModelsWanted.com and said us this babe wanted to sex up as well as naked all. How did Sadie even know about SCORE? “It was ‘cuz of my boob-loving friend,” Sadie told us. “He can’t live without u and urged me to connect with u.” Sadie is one of these fortunate cuties who sprouted as a teen and now stretches the tape at 38G. Sadie’s goal in life is to come into a triathlon coz “it would be such an accomplishment.” This is troubling cuz of the dangers involved. Sadie could lose breast-size in training for this grueling event and the very thought of this terrifies us. Ever look at those triathletes? They have no bra buddies. But let us not stress over this because we believe Sadie will at no time let this happen. Clothed in a undergarment, thongs and heels, Sadie greets her amenable sex ally with a top shelf full of whipped sex cream decorated by a strawberry. A true high-calorie dessert. After tongueing that up, that babe sprays whipped jizz on his stiffening wang, that lady-killer sprays it on her wet muff, and they both lick up the creamy stuff. Sadie is the main course, of course.

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Chloe And Autumn

Chloe And Autumn

Chloe And Autumn

Chloe is the stern mastix of a girls’ school…. A stone-cold slut who makes almost certainly of in corporal torture to keep her shapely students in line. The authorities do not know of her little interests. Autumn is an American transfer scholar who’s wild and unruly, always disobedient and troublesome. One day Miss Vevrier gives a decision that enough is enough. If this kind of theme gives u a giant woodie, you’ll spew a volcanic load. On movie, this scene is part of Bosom Buddies #2.

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One Toy For Cum-hole, One Toy For Gazoo

One Toy For Fur pie, One Toy For Wazoo

One Toy For Muff, One Toy For Ass

“I am as intelligent as I am hawt so don’t let my looks fool u,” Sabrina Linn wrote in her resume. “I have chosen such a career with out excitement and a natural wish at age Thirty eight not because I had to but ‘cuz I wanted to. I merely do what makes me glad, and I have fun.” Sabrina has an unbridled sex drive, as this babe has shown a few times in some buckin’ wild-ass scenes, and this babe listens to herself, not to what others need to say about how she should look or how that babe should live her life. She loves wang and that babe can’t live with out toys also. “I am a toy junkie and try to masturbate every single day to porn when I wake up to very sexy thoughts. My beloved sex-toy on my clitoris always satisfies me either when I’m alone or when I am with my paramour.” View as Sabrina copulates her cookie with a stupendous cock-toy and fills her a-hole with a ass-plug. Always cheerful and upbeat in the SCORE studio, Sabrina is likewise a SCORE supporter and goes the complete nine yards as a SCORE cheerleader to the world at larger than standard which we always appreciate. “I’ve been to numerous clubs and had the pleasure to meet many feature dancers while attending their performances. I’ve got a lot of autographed magazines and Polaroid images with performers I have met. I am really impressed with Sabrina Linn!” writes R.J. “I love pierced nipps.”

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Jenna’s 1st time

Jenna’s first time

Jenna's first time

“Hmmm, this is gonna be the first time I am plan to fuck on-camera,” 50-year-old MILF Jenna Covelli says at the commence of this scene. “I’m so amorous.”

Now, you might view Jenna and say, “Obviously you’re lustful. Check out your areolas!” They’re lengthy and rock hard, but the thing is, they’re always long and inflexible. Jenna’s nipples are three-quarters of an inch lengthy, and her dude spent a wonderful, lengthy time on ’em…just as u would if you had the chance to be with her.
So, in her 1st hardcore scene, Jenna exposes off her magnificant cock-sucking and rogering skills. This babe ends up glazed by her stud’s thick cum of cum (it oozes off her nose). For 15 years, Jenna was working in corporate sales previous to she decided to quit her job and get into porn.
“I’m doing something I like. Something I should have done a ages ago. I’m very sexual.”

We asked Jenna what the people who know her would think if they saw her in act and this babe said, “I have some unyielding allies who would probably drop me adore a hot potato, and I’ve some allies who would wait this from me. They’d say, ‘It’s about time u got into this.’ But I have some allies I wouldn’t tell.”

She isn’t a swinger, although this babe has been to married couples parties with out partaking. That babe is a nudist. And, now, she’s a porno star. Congratulations, Jenna. You are exactly where you should be!

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Hands Off These Boom-Booms

Hands Off These Boom-Booms

Hands Off Those Boom-Booms

I completely acquiesce with the hands-off-the-hangers policy. So many photo layouts and DVD solo and hardcore scenes are ruined by girls holding onto their juggs. My favourite photo style is the goddess all-naked with her dangle bags in full free-fall. Also, upside-down, freestyle hang shots, tit-lifting by the teat only and hands-off areola engulfing.-B.S.

There’re times when a model has to hold her pantoons. This photo of Lillian Faye touching with tongue her tit is one example.

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Likes shoes, cooking, antiques and creampies

Likes shoes, cooking, antiques and creampies

Loves shoes, cooking, antiques and creampies

Hard-bodied, pointy-titted Dakota Riley is back for more, and this time, it’s a creampie for the 41-year-old wife and pharmacy technician from Ohio. Dakota said us this babe loves when a fellow cums in her cookie ‘cuz “that’s how me and my husband usually do it so it just feels natural.”
Dakota has a great body with a lot of curves and DD-cup wobblers that look love they could push your eyes out. That babe is 5’4″ and weighs around 120 lbs., so she really has the look of a trophy wife. And she is, in many ways.

“I like shoes!” Dakota said. We’re assuming she means fuck-me pumps. “I like cooking and antiques. I like when my hubby surprises me.”

With his pecker?

“That’s valuable, too!” this babe told.

Dakota says the worst thing a lad can say to a female is, “Your butt looks massive.” That really can be taken as a compliment in some parts of the world, but we can assure Dakota that her arse definitely does not look mountainous. That rod in her cum-hole, though? That looks massive!

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The Redhead With A Rack Is Back

The Redhead With A Rack Is Back

The Redhead With A Rack Is Back

That babe is been out of circulation for a whilst but now she’s back, lastly. The stacked redhead with a rack to kill for is back and at SCORE. Jolie Rain is a walking soaked fantasy in her sexy lingerie and heels. Jolie’s pierced juggs look bigger in size now. That babe was always muscly like a brick shithouse and now her wow rating is even higher: the girl-next-door has gone a little freaky-deaky. Treat her right and she’ll screw ya all night. Miss Rain is looking for some hard-man lovin’ because sport-sex makes her feel on top of the world and SCORE has a hard-man just for her. He’s up for the sexually excited ginger and his tool is going to make her screech and bring the roof down. Where’s Jolie been? This answer may surprise u. She’s been in Iraq serving her country in the military. “I strolled into a recruiter’s office and joined the army,” Jolie said. In the army, that babe earned top grades in marksmanship and made many allies. Now Jolie’s a civilian afresh and when we put out the call to her to re-enlist at SCORE, she was ready to fly our amicable skies afresh. A man’s dominatrix-bitch, Jolie was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and grew up outdoors New Orleans, then moved to Texas where a SCORE and V-mag browser discovered her. “I was working as a bartender in a sleazy place, and this man saw me in a tank top and told, ‘Wow, u have fantastic funbags.’ We gotta talking, and this chab was amazed with my natural mambos. That dude said, ‘I love this magazine, I love it, I love it, I’m the biggest fan and u should absolutely try out.’ I was adore, ‘Well, u know, I don’t know,’ and he told, ‘Please, please, you’ll make everything come true for me.’ And Jolie really did go ahead and make that voyage to SCORE. This babe can’t live out of old-school American muscle cars, video games, motorcycles and playing bass. She is a lusty, big boobed babydoll but not a Barbie-doll girly-girl. “I don’t do the complete gal thing well,” told Jolie. “I would much rather go to a bar and view football than go to the mall and go shopping endlessly.” A red-blooded tit-man would rather view Jolie endlessly. As one TSG editor who interviewed her once put it, “it would be pointless if we were to have a poll that asked which beauty you’d almost all love to have sex with. Taking the vote with a modest 100% of all ballots would be the selection, ‘All of them.’ However, if we were to have a poll that asked which beauty you’d majority like to sit in a dive bar and have a drink with, Jolie Rain would get to be the prepossession.” Amen to that, brother.

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