Lock & Load Part 1

Lock & Load Part 1

Lock & Load Part 1

I’ve been a loyal reader to both SCORE and Voluptuous since their inception. I adore porn but the XXX sections frequently make me flabby. If the male is unable to “bust a nut” as well or more good then I can, I go limp. I use porn as a stimulant. If I see a lady acquire a glazing, cool, let me receive to “work” and watch if I can duplicate the spectacle.

I am married to what I feel is a worthwhile hotty. I treat her to a hearty facial once or twice a week. I typically spool one or the one and the other of her closed eyes…pop a couple of ropes throughout her hair…multiple thick wads cover her forehead…and several thick loads drop onto her cheek. I’m somewhat disappointed if I overshoot and waste cum splattering and running down the headboard. The finish is coming off from cleaning all also frequently. If I send a blast up her nostril, this babe occasionally needs to bail on me, although she absolutely understands that’s was an accident. This babe frequently will put on earrings of my selection prior to a plastering. I get treated to a beauty in glasses each pair on months and for my anniversary present, she will tastefully apply full make-up and I must pantyhose down my glamor gal.

In porn a woman that can handle a nostril pop is nifty to look at, especially if this babe has a bubble or two. Cum plays is smth I find gripping in porn, but I’ve not requested in real life. I sincerely make no doubt of that I got it pretty worthwhile and well.

I realize that most sex stars cannot handle this. If some SCORE Cuties could, it would be sensational, but my preeminent porn view starts with a female with a precious set of naturals, ideally with mountainous areolae, appreciating a glazing that leaks onto her love bubbles and then it’s SHOWTIME. This babe has a biggest smile and eventually opens her eyes, slowly and appreciatively zeppelins globs of ball cream from different sections of her face in as sloppy and showy a manner as possible. That babe gargles with as wide a throat opened in full view of the digital camera, blows bigger in size than typical bubbles that pop back onto a her face and this babe sluggishly drools greater than standard globs of cock juice, scooping them back into her throat. The drooling show is Iterated, ideally in a slightly different manner, always with an enthusiastic smile when this babe returns the lady-killer gravy back into her throat, then without warning this babe not fast drools, in giant thick strands, the entire mouthful of goodies onto her love melons. She slowly lathers the gunk onto her bouncy bosoms, smiling and making sure this babe flaunts us her swinging whoppers. She then pokes her hooters together and displays her areolae right in the camera. The scene ends with a mammoth smile as she blows a kiss and waves goodbye.

I’ve uncorked some of my humongous loads after that kind of porn observe. Obviously, you don’t see that spectacle very frequently, even on sites specializing in bukkake. Sadly, I have at no time seen a scene adore that from the SCORE Group, but I’d be thrilled to be proved not correct.-B.K.

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Splatter Those with Ladies man Batter

Splatter These with Woman chaser Batter

Splatter These with Ladies man Batter

There are two important pieces of information you are intend to acquire up front. The 1st is that Candy Manson has big pantoons that that babe likes to unleash from the confines of her below garment. The second is that Candy Manson likes ramrod. Now, if you love big milk cans and you’ve a wang that you would love to see wrapped in greater than standard boobies, than this is the angel for you. That babe may not be the angel you take home to Mom, but she’s definitely the cutie u crave to take home. This babe handles 10-Pounder in her hands and between her bumpers adore solely a seasoned accustomed can; with excessive exuberance and gusto. And different from most chicks, who would freak out at the mention of widening your goo all over their meatballs, Candy will encourage u to shoot your wad on her cannons. So, if your plans are to woo the porntastic Candy, here’s what u have to do on your date: Brandish up. Bring meat-thermometer. Splatter your batter all over her bouncy bosoms. U can thank us later for the heads up.

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Meet Czech babe Krystal Swift, a handsome angel who loves being photographed and gets that particular tingle when her nipps and vagina are licked and drilled on-camera. What is it about the Czechia that produces so many free-spirited beauties like this? The SCORE Studio saw Krystal‘s snaps and one look was all it took. With her pigtails and country angel outfit, sweet and fresh-faced Krystal appears love the farmer’s daughter who moved to the large city. Krystal‘s fuck-date starts his examination of her hot body by feasting on her glamorous mounds, burying his face in her deep cleavage and sucking deeply on her nips. The suction does its magic on her and she sighs with growing expectations. This babe lifts both perfect zeppelins in her hands and squeezes them unbending. This gent enjoys the sight of her doing this and this babe obliges by tugging her teats, shaking her fullsome funbags vigorously and boob-smacking his face. Heading south of the border, that gent fingers and licks Krystal‘s love tunnel which fuels her wish for a rock-hard dong betwixt her lips. Fondelling her cum-hole, she swallows his shaft as deeply as she can. Krystal then lifts her bosoms up again and squeezes them tightly so this guy can bonk the breast valley crack, his jock lubed by her spit. Now the great pont of time, the deep, rock hard plunge into Krystal‘s fetching, pink pussy-hole as this babe spreads her sexy, sleek legs wide open and raises them up above her head. Moaning and passionately crying out with each toss off, Krystal is pounded every which way.

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A larger than typical, dark shlong for Shirley’s launch

A greater than typical, dark-skinned shlong for Shirley’s launch

A bigger in size than standard, dark jock for Shirley's debut

Here at 50PlusMILFs.com, we try to brandish our adult models a wonderful time. This day, Shirley is being shown a priceless time by a hung, dark-skinned lady-killer, and although she is a first-timer, she is capable of taking each inch this chab gives her. That babe is obviously having a very fine time. Lucas is having a nice time, also. The facial that charmer gives Shirley proves it. Shirley is a 52-year-old divorcee who lives in Southern California. She’s a Mamma and grandmother. She has DD-cup knockers. That babe says she enjoys organizing and hosting events in her community. Love swinging?

“I’ve been a swinger off and on,” Shirley said. “About a year ago, I was at a party filled with married couples at a worthy home near where I live. There was a moment when some folks headed upstairs, and I heard a woman oohing and ahhing, which wanton me. Next thing I knew, there were bucks and chicks pleasuring me. It was orgasmic!”

Shirley is multi-orgasmic, as you’re about to identify out. She likewise has a smutty mouth. When she’s lustful, which is majority of the time, she refers to her bawdy cleft as her wet crack. She enjoys getting group-fucked. And inspect her fantasy: “I imagine several males masturbating around me. They every take turns filling my gap with their cum and some stick their hard schlong in my mouth in advance of rogering my wicked, wanton pussy.”

By the way, what she’s wearing in this clip is similar to what you’d usually see her wearing if you saw her out in public. And, yes, you should make the first move. Although if u do not, Shirley surely will.

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The Attractive Bra-Buster And The Rectal hole Chap

The Fetching Bra-Buster And The Anus Smooth operator

The Captivating Bra-Buster And The Anus Man

Meet Fresh Discovery Chantal Ray. Chantal applied to SCOREModelsWanted.com and one look at the snaps the Carolina cutey emailed our studio was all it took. We were hooked and Chantal was just now booked. Now u can watch her cook the man-sausage in her own peculiar way. The action cuts past the search and goes right to gracious Chantal‘s 44DD superstructure. For a first-timer here, Chantal cuts past the look for herself, asking Al right off the snap if that guy wishes to drill her in the booty. How’s that for a first date with a total stranger? There is not even time for u to acquire the popcorn unless u hit the pause button. “Is it taut?” Al asks. “Nice and taut.” She urges Al to feel how tight it’s. Pulling aside her polka-dot straps, Al sticks a finger in Chantal‘s upraised arsehole and does a preliminary digital probing. She’s precious to go! Chantal desires some rod in her face hole first and then betwixt her cleavage. Plopping her great mangos on top of his haunches, this babe sucks his wang hands-free, his knob bookmarked betwixt her zeppelins. It’s a gracious sight. Chantal wishes her bawdy cleft filled first in advance of Al can enter the un-forbidden zone and get his sausage cooked by this man-pleaser. Magnificant when u consider how many long-experienced glamour models have a no-entrance sign on their butts. When it comes to her satisfaction, Chantal says, “As long as I am kept luscious, I’m priceless.” Words to live by, Chantal. Expose Chantal some adore and props. She’s big breasted, nice-looking and lewd and likes penis betwixt her meatballs also!

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Alesia’s Anal Pickup

Alesia’s Anal Pickup

Alesia's Anal Pickup

Here’s Alesia pulling the oldest cougar trick in the book: picking up a contractor and getting him to her house under the guise of wanting him to do some repair work when in reality… “I need work done on myself, not the house,” Alesia tells Sergio. “I crave you to fuck me in every aperture I have.” Now, sure, times are tough, and Sergio could use the cash, but he’ll worry about the rent later. For now, this fellow has been personally invited to screw a wanton, hot MILF in her mouth, cum-hole and anus, and that is not an suggest that comes along each single day. So, bonk work, and screw Alesia! To refresh your memory, Alesia is 45 years aged and from Pennsylvania. The 1st time that babe was at 40SomethingMag.com, this babe said us that the first time this babe had sex was “in a car with a buck I had been with for a month. He went anal out of telling me!” Well, this time, we gave her plenty of notice, and Alesia dressed for the occasion in a hot costume and tights that the dude rips open to acquire at her twat and chubby gazoo. Now, that might sound primitive, but, hey, she’s the one who picked up the gent beneath false pretenses, and, as you are about to see, Alesia isn’t complaining about her ruined tights. This babe is getting anything that babe craves.

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Workin’ THE MAN

Workin’ THE CHAP

Workin' THE MAN

Mr. Swiss is a stressed out corporate type who can’t live without to screw big breasted hookers. When that charmer calls his regular ho, Candace Von, for some nut-alleviation, she’s already with a John…IN the john. When this ladies man insists that she bring her pleasing breasts over ASAP, Candace is faced with a tough decision: Does this babe finish sucking the ding-dong this babe is with, or does that babe ditch that charmer for the gent with the studs? What does Ms. Von do? This babe makes her fucking cash, that is what. After haggling with the office manager at the front desk, Candace struts her jiggly whoppers and chunky, ghetto ass into this uptight yuppie’s office and this boy does what we all would adore to do to Candace…he copulates her for all she’s worth. And ladies man is she worth a lot, coz Ms. Von demands that he pay her for her goods. This woman chaser obviously knows a wonderful deal when this chab sees one ‘coz previous to u know it, he is whipping out the greenbacks and his 10-Pounder and Ms. Von is taking everything this chab is got. 1st she tells him to play with her milk cans and then that babe gives him a premium schlong engulfing, deep-throating that pecker all the way down to his nuts. After some serious doggie-style, Candace jumps on this John’s Johnson and rides him adore it’s going with out style. Then, just ‘cuz this wench is the superlatively wonderful hooker there is, she lets him bust all up in her face hole and this babe spits it out all over her wobblers so this babe can play with his nutsauce.
When she’s done, it is business time and this babe makes this motherfucker pay her for her services. If solely chesty hookers wandered into all of our offices…it would make a HARD day at work take on a entire fresh meaning!

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Meet Chantal

Meet Chantal

Meet Chantal

Chantal Raye contacted SCOREModelsWanted and it was a admirable day when she did. Chantal is an wondrous addition to SCORELAND and SCOREVideos. This babe can’t live without bowling, shooting pool and, almost all importantly, needless to say, taking her clothes and underclothing off for our cameramen. Chantal always wears a bra unless she’s home. Those bigger in size than average ‘uns need all the support they can acquire. When Chantal meets a chap, this babe 1st looks at his feet. “Most babes say a guy’s abdomen but I see his feet. I adore valuable feet. I adore a nice smile also,” Chantal says. That’s a new one. Lads adore girls’ feet but usually not the reverse. Chantal has a great smile herself. “I always make the 1st move and I adore sex not quite each day. I can be very assured,” Chantal emphasizes. True that. Fucking a total stranger for our cameras is about as confident as a hotty can receive! And Chantal appears to be very easygoing. “When I’m in bed with a chap, as lengthy as I am kept juicy, I’m admirable!” Welcome aboard, Chantal Raye.

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Anastasia’s parents are on vacation when the phone rings in this hot Classic movie scene from the DVD Voluptuous Xtra 11. Crap! It’s her parents calling to check in. This babe tells ’em that everything is admirable. This babe is been doing abode chores, not going out much. And, of course, she hasn’t been in their bedroom for any reason. What Mommy and Dad don’t watch is that Anastasia is holding a bigger than run of the mill, greasy, in nature’s garb dick in her hand while this babe is talking to ’em. A valuable thing they’re not calling on a webcam. And she’s obviously in her parents’ bedroom. What a bad, bad big titted goddess she is. Tony will discipline her. The busty, voluptuous, redheaded girl-next-door hangs up and begins jacking Tony. He’s going apeshit over this babe’s looks, the way her mambos bulge in her constricted purple top, the way her booty bulges in her taut white trousers. If that chap doesn’t acquire cum-hole and teats, he’s intend to go fucking blind. So will that babe. That babe is as excited as he’s to cum This chab gets her on her knees, still dressed, and sticks his dong and balls in her mouth. Drool begins to roll down her chin. Pants off, she bends over the sofa so he can stick his face in her a-hole crack, then licks her fur pie as he jacks. They receive a sex tool to play with. As that babe sucks him, this chab screws her snatch with the toy, opening her so this charmer can wedge his knob inside pretty soon. Her pierced teats have little horseshoe rings. She’s got her freak on. Her boobs rest on his haunch. That babe cums from the vibrator and cant focus on her oral-service. Previous to she’s fucked by his penis, the redhead should have her corpulent, bigger than typical scones screwed. It is only right! This fat, little doll will be his fuck wench tonight all night and that’s that way that babe craves it. What the parents do not know will not bother them.

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