The Magnificent Meeting TWO

The Magnificent Encounter 2

The Magnificent Rencounter 2

The Magnificent Encounter of Voluptuous/XL breast goddesses Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore continues on a terrace with a observe of the town below. Mademoiselle Fiore has poured her remarkably hawt body into a tight, ass-clinging mini-skirt and a tight, blue cardigan wrapped around a vintage silver bullet bra, the kind that tit-queens of the 1950’s used to wear. Stockings, garters, zebra-striped thongs and open-toe high-heels enhance Natalie’s carnal appearance. Micky‘s bright pink, button-down costume is frosting on the cake for her pink and jungle cat vintage bullet undergarment and garters with matching pink knickers, stocking and heels. Those 2 voluptuous Venuses could rule the world if they wanted to and enslave any breast-man who crossed their paths. They strip each other and studiously examine their ripe bodies, fascinated by their massive tits–the funbags we have brought together; the pointer sisters that we are obsessed with. Could any chronic boobaholic ever get enough of these 2? The people beneath the terrace go about their business, oblivious to the collision of those mam-nificent examples of feminine super-pulchritude whose velvety, creamy skin tingle and flush as they touch each other, teats rubbing nipples, fingers feeling the weight of their bra-busters.

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Tit-Men’s Treasure Chest

Tit-Men’s Treasure Chest

Tit-Men's Treasure Chest

With 38GG mammaries, April McKenzie can’t help to attract loads of attention and loads of other things also. One of her beloved positions: screwed on her hands and knees, her husband behind her. “It feels especially admirable,” April said. “The boy can go deeper into me that way and my G-spot and clit one as well as the other get plenty of stimulation in that position. I am not surprised that almost all babes love most of all it. But even though it’s my beloved position, it is not the only one I love. It is more wondrous to mix things up and have the petticoat chaser on top, then I’ll get on top and then we’ll do some doggie-style. I do not urge just one position when there’re so many ways to do it.” She attracts tit-men and they urge to screw April‘s love melons. How sensitive are they? “I adore to be rubbed around the bumpers, on the sides. My nipps are very sensitive and in a way they are likewise sensitive. For ’em to be squeezed very rock hard or pinched really hurts, so it is better to work around my funbags and squeeze and play with the entire thing.” Remember that, tit-men.

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Camille Morgan’s First XXX

Camille Morgan’s 1st XXX

Camille Morgan's First XXX

Camille Morgan says dudes have called her a prude. Are they without their minds? “I don’t think I am a prude. I just have limits,” says Camille. That may sound unconventional coming from a 34DDD+ SCORE Angel who first entered these Hallowed Halls of Milk cans in late 2007 and has appeared in seven pictorials and one movie scene. “When I first posed for SCORE, I hadn’t had sex with a stud in six months,” that babe disclosed. “A ally said me about SCORE, and we went to the site, and I saw the video with Gianna talking about what SCORE does.” Camille flew solo with sex-aids in her discharges and didn’t have any interest in boy-girl action on digi camera at the time. Toys but no lads. But things change. Honeys change their minds. That is their right. Camille reconnected with us after earning her degrees in sociology and psychology (she has brains and body) and this time she was ready to fly in the cockpit with a male co-pilot. Why the change of heart? “Before I was not into it,” Camille told. “Now I think it’ll be fun. It took me 3 years. I am a procrastinator.” Camille may be a procrastinator but that babe screws love there’s no tomorrow. When that babe is getting pounded from behind in her 1st seXXX scene, Camille backs it up just as hard. That babe sucks dong with energy and has great, natural knockers to slip between. It takes a peculiar honey bunny to put it all out there. Camille was definitely worth envisaging three years for. We just knew that babe was. First time’s a enchantment. Thank’s, Camille Morgan!

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Swimsuit Buster

Swimsuit Buster

Bikini Buster

So you’re out shopping for your girlfriend. (Or at least that’s the story u came up with the minute you spotted this jugg-tastic sweetheart in your local surf shop.) So, being the great boyfriend that you’re, u come to a culmination that your girlfriend really needs a skimpy bathing dress. (Even though it’s not beach weather out.) So u approach Cassandra, who ironically seems to be the same size as your girlfriend. (How convenient!) Wearing your most-responsible, non-threatening smile, you ask her if she could do u a great, big favour and try some suits and adult model ’em for u so you can make the almost all admirable purchase for your more admirable half. (U indeed are the foremost boy there’s. So giving and selfless.) Luckily for u, Cassandra is selfless, too, and assents to try on some bikinis for your viewing enjoyment, er, gift research. During the time that that babe changes, u thank your lucky stars that this big busted angel is generous sufficient to parade around, flaunting her assets for you. But expect…what kind of gal says yeah to undressed modeling bikinis for a perfect stranger? A horny cock-slut, that’s who. Just as you realize that maybe you can acquire more than just a fashion display from this hotty, that babe spreads the dressing room curtain and tells u to come inside for a private viewing. (And the mouthing and screwing of your life! Favourable bastard.)
It just goes to show u, some honey bunnys truly do love the weenie this much.

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Isabella Rossa

Isabella Rossa Isabella Rossa
Isabella Rossa @
An archetypical travel to the supermarket ended up with an above commonplace darksome strapon entering the places my husband has forgotten about. I noticed this sexy bagboy as the teller was ringing in my gorceries that my platinum card was paying for. I had him help me to the my car and persuaded him to come home with me. This chab was scared about losing his job but my smile convinced him otherwise. One time we got home I changed into the same outfit I wore on my wedding night. Jack was shocked but in a short time relaxed when I placed his greater than average dark pecker in my cougar face hole. He was still nervous but that dicn’t avoid his darksome cock from getting stiff and stabbing the back of my mouth.I had to feel his warm stick in betwixt my legs and I hoped on him until his testicles slapped against my soaking adore button.Jack’s darksome meat-thermometer was longer than the stick I used to seperate my groceries from the other customers and wider, too. I had him slam each inch until my white body housed that dark lightning pecker. It is likewise bad that the solely way my partner could give me 12 inches is if he banged me 6 times. However, Jack was talented to keep his knob rock hard even as my screaming have to have shook his eardrums. My white muff wrapped around his beefy darksome sausage until the nerve endings in my clitoris exploded all over. Jack’s shift was about to initiate which meant that mom needed her dose of dark-skinned caviar.
Isabella Rossa Isabella Rossa
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Jenna’s First On-Camera Pecker!

Jenna’s 1st On-Camera Cock!

Jenna's First On-Camera Ramrod!

“I was raised in a conservative, religious household and community, so I denied my desires until about the age of 35,” told Jenna Bouche, a happily married 44-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida. “Since then, I’ve been fortunate to have fulfilled many fantasies, but a scarcely any remain and recent ones emerge.”

Being at, jacking one of our bucks to climax, talking ribald along the way, was definitely one of her dreams. And some other?

“To be the erotic focus of numerous men at one time. I always like being the center of attention.”

Although, in those fotos, Jenna makes JMac’s pecker the center of her attention, she is the center of ours, and Jenna smiled when we pointed out that thousands of dudes would be jacking to her photos.

“That makes me happy!” that babe told.

A hardly any details about Jenna. She played softball when that babe was youthful and is now an mad runner, having competed in several marathons and triathlons. She works in sales. This babe can be a dominatrix-bitch when the mood strikes.

“In general, my partner and I’ve a wife-led marriage,” this babe said. “I discover more and more about myself with each carnal collision, so you not ever know where that might lead.”

Jenna, we hope you learned smth this day. We did. We learned that we’ve the hots for Jenna.

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D Is For Desiree

D Is For Desiree

D Is For Desiree

Desiree is excellent. The second I set eyes on her movie clip on the SCORELAND Blog, I knew we had anybody particular. Those adorable DDD-cups, pleasing round booty, hawt smile and all-around attitude, not to mention that slick pussy, make her a SCORE superstar. Hell, I wanna marry her! I know this babe did a discharge for V-mag 10 years ago, but let’s hope that babe hangs around this time. By the way, I hope the lad who got his hands on Valory’s milk sacks realizes just what a favourable fucker this chab is. I’m sure that man does.-C.A.

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The Creamed Pie Of Maserati

The Creamed Pie Of Maserati

The Creamed Pie Of Maserati

Huge-boobed and satisfied of it, pleasing SCORE newcomer Maserati is being interviewed for an office job by Mr. D. This babe is clothed prim and proper, although u can watch her bra through her lace blouse. “I’ve been an administrative assistant for 5 years. I truly adore my job. I’m very organized,” Maserati tells Mr. D. “I watch u worked at Cramer and Cramer,” Mr. D. notes, scanning Maserati‘s resume. “Let me just give ’em a call and use them as a reference.” Maserati interrupts him previous to that guy makes the call. “Wait, let me explain a few things. I really climbed up the ladder in my 1st year there. Mr. Cramer and I got along. But Mrs. Cramer had an issue. She was jealous and always complaining to Mr. Cramer that I dressed inappropriately.” Mr. D. poo-poos her concern. “Let’s not worry about that. Let me call and see if your story pans out. Just bear with me one second.” In a not many seconds, “bear with me” will change to “bare with me.” Mr. D. makes the call. “Hi Phil, it’s Tony. I’ve this applicant and this babe is jotted u down as a reference. Her name? Maserati.” “You fortunate son of a gun,” Cramer replies. “That cutie is hawt! Did more for me then any other office assistant, if you know what I mean. Just make sure your wife’s not around. Oh, and Tony? Another thing. That babe makes a great creampie!” Tony hangs up and gives Maserati the hopeful news. “Well, do u think I have got the job?” Maserati asks, standing up to flaunt him her astounding figure. This is a honey bunny who looks naked with her handsome clothing on. “Even though my outfit’s a little bit revealing?” That babe leans over his desk, her humongous twin bulges aiming at his head. “Ah, well, there is one thing I’d adore to discuss,” says Mr. D., ready to make his move. “Something about a creampie?” “Guilty…I can teach u all about my ball cream pie,” explains Maserati. “But I’ll need your ball batter for the filling. Maybe I should show u.” Maserati reaches into his fly and pulls his junk out of his trousers. This babe lowers to her knees, loosens her hair and begins mouthing his weenie. They move over to Mr. D.’s particular human resources interview daybed so they can widen out. Maserati proceeds to hungrily and loudly slurp his shaft until it’s time to receive banged. Mr. D. gives her a pounding, thoughts of a goo pie baking in their heads. Maserati is potty to feel his cum discharge unfathomable into her twat and barmy to squeeze the man-sauce without her pussy-hole. It is one of the horniest sights Maserati can brandish a boy and it at not time fails to arouse her and her partners. Mr. D. will have many days of creampie for lunch in the future while Maserati will enjoy job security. Everybody wins.

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A Pole Discharges Its Load Inside A Pole’s Cookie

A Pole Shoots Its Load Inside A Pole’s Cookie

A Pole Shoots Its Load Inside A Pole's Pussy

“When I came to the United States, I had at no time heard of the word SEXY HOUSEWIFE previous to I came here, and when I got divorced, I thought, ‘Oh, what skirt chaser will desire me now?'” said Ellie Anderson, who was born in Poland and lives in Oregon. “But I have found out that many fellows want me.”
Who would not want a randy MILF with a beautiful face and a hawt body, especially one who knows how to go after what she wants, as that babe does in this clip. “In Poland, the female-dominator is supposed to be very subservient, and if this babe does the kind of things I like to do now, this babe would be looked upon as a floozy,” Ellie said. “I am cheerful to be in the United States!”
Here, that babe is happy to have Private Ivan in her face hole (that ladies man gives her a wonderful face-fucking), then in her Euro muff, and she is especially pleased when Ivan blows his load inside her 55-year-old grab. Merely in The United States of America, eh?

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