Hot Time In The Tittie

Hot Time In The Tittie

Hot Time In The Tittie

One of the great discoveries, Roxi Red is in a league of her own. Roxi is really an all-natural tit-goddess. Her 38K, all-natural super-suckers have small in number, if any, equals. Her colossal pantoons make a ladies man boob-drunk; completely besotted by her enormous jugs. Your hands are more than full with this Mamazon’s majestic pointer sisters.

Such enormous handfuls demand lengthy, careful attention and affection. Plenty of rubbing, sucking and licking. Largo would love to spend many hours giving ’em the devotion and handling they merit but he and Roxi must move on and start the sexing.

Roxi towers over him, jiggling her larger than average melons and looking breathtaking in her blue negligee. This chab goes eager and buries his face in Roxi’s deep cleavage, something any self-respecting tit-man is compelled to do. Can you imagine having this female at home? The mind spins at the thought. They lube up her ta-tas until they shine love twin suns, slick and slippery for the dick to slip between.

Roxi straddles him and plays breasts-in-motion games, shaking and swinging her 38Ks while the camera records her gyrations in up-close POV As Roxi breathes heavily from her exertions, two hands reach out to feel her treasures. But even the massive hands would have a difficult time holding on.

That babe takes his schlong in her moist face hole and pumps him up, then places the shaft between her mangos so they can be screwed. The ding-dong literally disappears inside her deep cleavage.

Roxi craves that wood inside her furry snatch. She leans back and supports her body weight with her hands and feet so this buck can stick it up her doggystyle. She bounces on the springy daybed, and as her hips move up and down, his shlong eases into her wetting love tunnel. Roxi is a bigger than standard lady at 5’9″ and 170 pounds, but just coz a lady is bigger than run of the mill doesn’t mean all of her is as bigger in size than typical. Her service penis has got a greater than run of the mill one and Roxi has a taut vagina. She groans and whimpers as he stuffs it in and shags her precious.

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Bounce, Codi, Bounce!

Bounce, Codi, Bounce!

Bounce, Codi, Bounce!

Button-down, tight sweaters were made for Codi Vore. She does ’em justice. In her knee-high socks, taut shorts and sneakers, Codi is ready for bouncing with the surf in the background. The video starts with Codi chatting about swimming, water polo and her past as part of a swim team.

From aqua sports, Codi’s memories move to how this babe and the other woman swimmers would discuss the packages of the male swimmers. She talks about having sex with one of boyz in a car.

After Codi’s reminiscences, she starts bouncing all over the place. Her larger than run of the mill melons initiate falling without her bra while this babe jogs and jumps. Some of this is in slow motion.

Taking her below garment off, Codi keeps bouncing, clapping and swinging and does some ladder climbing, her milk sacks constantly in motion, almost in rhythm to the pounding of the ocean. Peeling off her shorts to disclose a full bush, Codi leaves her socks and trainers on. This babe lies back on pillows and gives her vagina a nice patting. After her Bounce Baby, Bounce expose, we’re more exhausted than Codi is.

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Claudia’s first DOUBLE PENETRATION ever!

Claudia’s 1st Dual Penetration ever!

Claudia's first DOUBLE PENETRATION ever!

When we first met 51-year-old wife and Mom Claudia Fox, she told us, “Group sex is my giant fetish. I want to try DP.”

We cant think of a more outstanding place for this small Latin babe sweetheart to try it than on with the complete world watching. What we’re saying is, this isn’t just Claudia’s 1st on-camera Dual Penetration. It’s her 1st Dual Penetration, period.

Here’s the scenario: Claudia has mistakenly on-purpose asked 2 dudes to educate her today. One is Jack, who’s Thirty one and has a large, dark-skinned dick. The other is Tony, who’s 27. So, yep, they’re young sufficient to be her sons.

But they’re not her sons, of course. They’re her personal trainers, and they copulate Claudia’s face hole, cookie and backdoor every which way and then give Claudia the DOUBLE PENETRATION that babe is been dreaming about. They cum all over her snatch and dark hole, likewise.

Claudia was born in Mexico Town and lives in Southern California. This babe said, “I like being looked at no matter where I go. I wear tight jeans or short skirts and heels. I love to brandish off my bra buddies, too.”

Claudia brandishes it all and does it all in this scene. Welcome to the Dual Penetration Club, Claudia Fox!

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SeXXXy Time For Luna Bunny

SeXXXy Time For Luna Bunny

SeXXXy Time For Luna Bunny

Luna Bunny gets her sex on in a hawt and lewd hook-up with Brad. Luna’s bigger in size than average scones are suckable and fuckable with wide teats. Luna can suck on her own nipps. That babe does that as she and Brad grind on the sheets. A goddess engulfing on her own milk cans and playing with them as she’s banging is always an erection-producing sight.

Luna is a wild child: “I gave a irrumation in a car, in front of a church and in a university bathroom.” She’s not into a bit of ass but would consider a 3some. When Luna gives a petticoat chaser a oral, she swallows or spits but mostly swallows. The oral-job her copulate buddy Brad receives in this scene is sloppy and juicy with drooling and gagging.

Luna wants a boy to take charge of her in bed and dominate her. That babe told she’s passive and talked about losing her virginity at 18. “I had sex for the 1st time with my first like. It happened but wasn’t planned. I was on top of him riding him. It was during the summer so it was hawt and sweaty. It didn’t hurt. I indeed had joy my 1st time.”

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Eliza Kelay…That’s Mrs. Kelay to her former students

Eliza Kelay…That’s Mrs. Kelay to her former students

Eliza Kelay...That's Mrs. Kelay to her former students

Eliza Kelay is 40 years mature. This babe has five step-children and one granddaughter. This babe just got married 3 years agone, and you might notice that she’s wearing her wedding band. Eliza is in her erotic prime, and in this video, that babe brandishes off the body that is plan to receive screwed by a porn skirt chaser over the next 2 days.

And, so, Eliza Kelay Week at proceeds with a slit reveal. A zeppelins ‘n’ booty show, likewise, because Eliza looks good all over. You are gonna adore her rock-hard teats and sexy, crotchless briefs. Eliza is a little more laid-back than some of our models, but that’s okay. She’s a newbie, an amateur, and she’s just getting used to getting bare and getting off on-camera for all the world to see.

“This is definitely out side the norm for me,” Eliza told. “A challenge. I’m pushing the boundaries.”

Eliza is from Oklahoma and lives in Ohio. She once was a dispatcher for a trucking company, and we’re betting that these slutty cross-country truckers loved her. This babe was too a math teacher, so maybe some of her former students are watching this right now, finding out exactly what Mrs. Kelay looks adore beneath the conservative outfits that babe used to wear to school.

Seriously, would not that be the coolest thing ever: to watch your former teacher at

It could happen.

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Alice in a Wonderland Called SCORELAND

Alice in a Wonderland Called SCORELAND

Alice in a Wonderland Called SCORELAND

Alice Wayne is a Russian angel currently living in Budapest. The photographer wrote that she’s a “very admirable girl” in his notes coz he could not write that this smooth operator had a boner during their shoots.

Alice is, in fact, a very priceless girl and a late bloomer in the marangos department. Even though she’s 21 years aged, that babe looks love an 18eighteen or Naughty Neighbors goddess. Fresh-faces don’t come any fresher. Alice loves to run around in T-shirts, little skirts and shorts and low-cut dresses. Rod teasing comes naturally to her.

Discovering that lads would be interested in jacking to her, Alice chucked her call-center job and entered the lustful world of adult modeling and hardcore porn, smth more thrilling and lucrative than talking on the phone to irritated customers for eight hours. Alice jumped right into porn scenes and we have got them.

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Lucky Star

Favourable Star

Lucky Star

Until their trip to the Dominican Republic’s North Coast, Helen and Erin Star had only been photographed in Bucharest, Romania. SCORE‘s studio director lastly gotta spend a week with the sexy siblings for that week-long shoot in the Caribbean and discovered them a special sister act. “Helen always looks after her little sis, offering up glamour modeling tips and direction on just about anything. Erin really looks up to her bigger in size than typical sister.”

“I think it was around 13 years mature when my milk sacks began to get large,” told Helen. “I am a year aged than Erin. I was the only Big-Boob cutie in school and this was a problem coz everyone was always looking at me and all the beauties were envious of me.

“Most people don’t believe we are sisters because we are so different. I have dark hair and Erin has light hair. I guess our faces are different, too. The only thing that’s similar is our fun bags!”

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One for Eliza’s fuck-it bucket list

One for Eliza’s fuck-it bucket list

One for Eliza's fuck-it bucket list

A week of appreciating first-timer Eliza Kelay reaches its large O with the 40-year-old wife and MILF’s 1st hardcore episode. We receive to see Eliza’s pink love tunnel as it was meant to be seen, filled with porn ding-dong, and we likewise must watch just how larger than typical her like button is. Put it this way: If you are going down on Eliza and u can not discover her clitoris, you need to have your eyes checked.

Eliza is from Oklahoma. She’s 5’5″ and weighs approximately 120 pounds. She’s an outdoorsy hotty who too enjoys reading and studying history. That babe used to be a math teacher. Her numbers are wondrous. That babe describes herself as old-fashioned.

“I love most of all the lad to make the 1st move,” that babe told.

We made the 1st move by approaching Eliza to do her 1st porn scenes.

“I’m checking one off the bucket list,” that babe said. “I’m making a porno.”

And don’t worry, members: We didn’t shoot just on hardcore scene of Eliza. We discharged a bunch, so you’re plan to be seeing a lot more of her.

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Needs To Be Taken

Needs To Be Taken

Needs To Be Taken

“I adore to look wonderful when I go out. I usually wear heels, frilly tops or cute dresses. When I decided that
I was plan to take these fotos, it took me over an sixty minutes to choose my outfit! My F.W.B. told me that it wouldn’t matter ‘cuz I would just be taking it off, but I still wanted to look cute.

“I’m not likewise adventurous when it comes to sex. I mean, I love some kinky ram, but I’m not dressing up in gimp outfits and whipping guys’ butts or everything! The wildest thing that turns me on is hair pulling and light choking. There is something so hot about a lady-killer slamming his rigid rod in my slit and grabbing a handful of my hair. I feel so completely…taken, I guess. It is love this chab owns my little bawdy cleft and this chab is making sure I know that it belongs to only him. Even if it’s not true, it is a hawt thought.

“I have to have my G-spot played with in instruct to cum. Clitoris play feels great, but I need that unfathomable penetration in command to go over the edge. I’ve one toy that does it just right. I threw away all of my other toys after I detected it!”

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